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Valcarian Empire

Par'tha Expanse

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The Fyris-class light cruiser, also known as Fyris-class gunship, was a cruiser first used by the Valcarian Republic Navy in the closing days of the Vodran War. It was later an important addition to the Imperial Navy; although 350 meters long, the small combat cruisers are heavily armed and have a top speed that match many starfighters.

Two weapon configurations are known for this class: one with ten heavy turbolasers, twenty laser cannons designed to defend against starfighters and missiles, and five tractor beam projectors, and an alternative version which replaces the flak lasers with ion cannons. In either version, the Fyris is very heavily armed for its size, a feature which it couples with impressive speed and maneuverability.

In addition, the survivability of the design is enhanced by safety devices built into the hull to strengthen the spaceframe and provided extra protection for the crew. Reinforced bulkheads and a compartmentalized design make the Fyris tough for their size, and these are combined with independent life-support systems in different sections of the hull to lessen the dangers of hull breaches. Even when Fyris's are destroyed, it is by no means uncommon to find survivors unharmed inside the broken wreckage of their ships.

However, the small size of the ship, especially when combined with the additional reinforcement and safety equipment, means that there is no room available for an internal hangar bay. Instead, an exterior rack is sometimes added for up to five SIRC Fighters for use on reconnaissance or courier duties.

The ship's controls are also simple and automated enough so that two people can operate the vessel, although in normal circumstances, they carry a crew of 1,092 and a small Army contingent of 142 soldiers.

Fyris-class ships are capable of trading fire with larger adversaries, but they are not designed to operate as ships of the line. During the Vodran War, they served as fast-attack escorts for larger ships like Rhionin-class heavy cruisers. Over time, the increasing size and firepower of Destroyers made them more vulnerable in the heat of combat, but their speed and firepower continued to make them useful. In the years after the Battle of Lintab, Imperial commanders deployed them in skirmish lines ahead of their primary screening forces of strike cruisers in battles.

Under the New Order, sister-ships also serve as patrol ships in quieter areas of Imperial space, and their speed and firepower also mean that many Imperial dignitaries use them as personal transports. While it can hardly take on a Destroyer or a Vodran Star Cruiser in head-to-head combat, a Fyris in open space can outrun most threats that it can not fend off, and it is also fast and tough enough to blast out from a planet under the fire of an attacking fleet.

Production information

Technical specifications

  • Length: 350 meters
  • Width: 72 meters
  • Height/depth: 75 meters
  • Maximum speed (atmosphere): 1,050 km/h
  • Armament:
  • Anti-starfighter version:
  • Complement: SIRC starfighters (5)
  • Crew: 1,092
  • Passengers: 142 troops
  • Cargo capacity: 3,500 metric tons
  • Consumables: 1 year


  • Role(s):
    • Frigate
    • Patrol
    • Transport