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Frontier Day (Fleet Blockbuster)


240106.01 to Present


The Astraeus receives a transmission from Starfleet. The Titan has been declared rogue by Starfleet Command and they are assigned to assist the Intrepid and several other starships in tracking down her down. Their pursuit and investigation lead to revelations that could uncover starling secrets.


Chin'toka System

The Chin'toka system was a star system located in the Alpha Quadrant. This Cardassian-controlled system contained four planets, the second and third of which were inhabited and formed a binary pair. It was the scene of two major confrontations in the Dominion War. (Chin'toka system, Memory Alpha)

Daystrom Station (Source: Memory Alpha, Doug Drexler)

Daystrom Station

Daystrom Station, home to many important research projects, was one of the locations where the Titan stopped, though the nature of that visit isn't widely known. Despite much speculation, this information remains under wraps. The USS Astraeus, commanded by Captain Mei'konda Delano, caught up to the Titan in time for the neo-Constitution vessel to jump to warp. Captain Delano failed to stop the vessel.

San Francisco Fleet Yards

On orders from Captains Mei'konda Delano, Roshanara Rahman, and Addison MacKenzie, Commander Serala and her hand-picked crew used the duplicated command codes of Admiral Tristan Wolf to board and commandeer the recently repaired USS Chin'toka in hopes of evening the odds against the Borg cube headed for Sector 001 (aka, Earth). Other officers from the Kitty Hawk and USS Artemis later joined them, filling out the crew and the senior staff.


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Act One


Astraeus receives the transmission from Starfleet Command indicating that they are to detach from the Home Fleet and join the pursuit of Titan. Nonessential personnel, such as long term researchers and civilians, are offloaded on Earth before we depart. Mei’konda briefs the senior staff on the Titan’s circumstances, including the fact that it is captained by Shaw, its FO is Seven of Nine, and Picard and Riker are on board.

In the Chin’toka system, Astraeus will pick up lingering traces of the Titan’s warp trail. By this time, the VSS T'Plana is missing from the Chin’toka scrapyard, which is well cataloged due to the recovery operations that the Starfleet Corps of Engineers had to conduct here after the First and Second Battles of Chin’toka. Due to Starfleet’s knowledge of what exactly should be there, the T’Plana’s absence should be conspicuous.

Several dozen transponder beacons of Titan are detected, which makes it obvious soon enough that all but one of them must be decoys. The crew’s first task is to narrow down where to track where Titan has gone, which will be Daystrom Station (the events of Picard 3x06, “The Bounty”.

Displeased with the fact that the Astraeus crew won’t leave well enough alone and are investigating inconsistencies in the data sent from Intrepid, the Changelings on board decide to stage a destructive sabotage, releasing superheated, radioactive gas into the Operations Center to disrupt the investigation as well as to hopefully cause some collateral loss of life.

Astraeus is en route when the alert from Titan’s first visit is triggered (mention this in sims after we are already on the way, the alert is a confirmation), and will just be arriving after Titan’s second visit to pick up

Mei’konda reports this to Starfleet Command, who dispatch the Echelon class ships Cole and Sternbach to assist.

By the time we arrive, Titan is departing. Astraeus has a shot at Titan, Cole and Sternbach take theirs, but Mei’konda, increasingly suspicious of the hunt they’re engaging in, orders us to hold fire. This gets him in trouble with the Cole and Sternbach’s Changeling COs, and results in a Changeling on board attempting to replace him. Mei convinces the Cole and Sternbach COs that he is in fact the Changeling and that the changeover has been completed successfully.

Then it comes time to hunt down the Changeling(s) on board Astraeus. Mei will be inclined to do this quietly so as not to spread suspicion, but may be convinced otherwise if his officers have different opinions.

Mei’konda decides to have Astraeus continue the investigation with the Kitty Hawk, and elects not to keep Cole and Sternbach in the loop aside from the most minimal communications updates to and from them.

Act Two


Act Three






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