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Freighter in Distress (Embassy of Duronis II)

Mission Dossier

Freighter in Distress
238911.20 - 239002.05


The journey of the USS Canis Major to Earth had gone well. The ship had gone through a few drills while the crew also spent time getting the systems operational enough to be turned in a to a museum ship.

While on course for Betazed, the bridge picked up a general distress call from the SS Galactic Hauler. She suffered damage, but had not specified what type. On arriving in the derelict Hermes Class starship, the USS Canis Major beamed aboard rescue crews to secure and help the freighter in distress. The Captain of the Freighter, Ron Sargent, was not happy about the arrival of Star Fleet nor the effectiveness of their search.

Lt Cmdr Nugra, Lt Tindall, and Lt Sharpe were assigned to secure the ship while marine-captain Valentino and his marines fought the fires that were raging. In the process, Captain Valentino was attacked by a freighter crewman and also destroyed to possible illicit containers. Lieutenant Tindall, while on the bridge, was able to discover that information in the ship's computer was being masked.

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder continued their struggle to save the SS Galactic Hauler. Having put out the fire, the away team lead by Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess attempted to discover what happened to cause the fire. Meanwhile, a pirate vessel captained by Harrington James approached the USS Canis Major under command of Fleet Captain Turner and made threats toward the Canis Major for the Galactic Haulers cargo. James plan soon fell through as Orion vessels were soon detected approaching and he retreated from the area. On the Galactic Hauler, Marine Captain Michael Valentino discovered numerous illicit items hidden in one of the cargo holds, prompting Lieutenant Commander Nugra to arrest the freighters captain.

Back on board the Canis Major the away team arrive on the bridge in time to witness Lieutenant Commander Miles Unum and Ensign Abraham Bennit put into action their plan to fool the Orions into thinking the pirates had obtained the freighters cargo, allowing the two ships to escape. Underway again, the crew brings the Canis Major to her final home at the Starfleet Academy Museum. Before being released to shore leave the crew attend a ceremony at Castle Mey in northern Scotland to witness the launch of the Akira-class USS Thunder-A.