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Freeworlds Region Species

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Though the Caraadian species can be found within the Freeworlds Region, the region is nowhere near as racially centered as within the Expanse Sector. Non-Caraadian species have rights and privileges within the Freeworlds Region, which may or may not exists once they cross the borders into any of the House provinces. As such, many species within the Par'tha Expanse have migrated to the Freeworlds Region in order to exercise their inherent freedoms. The Freeworlds are just that, and have a dramatic flair for the multicultural.

Below is a listing of species that can be found within the Freeworlds Region of the Par'tha Expanse, along with their home system and home planet. A map of the Expanse is also available by clicking here.

Species, System, and Homeworld