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Altaris IV (Freedom-A)

Mission Brief

First contact with the Altarians occured 106 years ago when a Federation Science vessel crashlanded on Altaris IV. The Altarians were not yet capable of space travel and were not ready for first contact. After the Federation crew were rescued, the Altarians asked for no further contact from the Federation.

On Stardate 9710.15 the Altarians broke a 106 year silence and contacted Starfleet Command, they requested that a delegation be sent from the Federation to observe their first attempt at warp travel and render any assistance necessary.

On Stardate 9710.23 the USS Freedom-A was sent to Altaris IV as requested.

The Taren (Freedom-A)

Mission Brief

After the USS Freedom-A crashlanded on Earth, Starfleet Command was damaged in a terrorist bomb attack by a group known as 'The Taren'. The Freedom was salvaged from San Fransisco Bay and sent to the Utopian Planitia Shipyards, Mars for repair. Meanwhile the senior officers became involved in a web of intrigue, and were implicated as ringleaders of the Taren...

Aterra (Freedom-A)


Balandian Encounter (Freedom-A)

Mission Brief

Starfleet Command orders the USS Freedom to head for Star Base 118 via Denious II, where the ship is to pick up some rare medical extracts. On the way the ship is paid a visit by several members of the Q continuum, who request that Lt Marko aid them in an important mission.

Meanwhile the ship undergoes a routine battle drill, which is interupted when an alien ship appears through a newly formed rip in space. When the crew attempt to save the ship from being destroyed by the now closing rip, they get more than they bargained for...

Ceti Alpha V (Freedom-A)