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USS Gorkon Log Entries

Lieutnant Junior Grade
Frank O'Malley

Personal Log, Stardate 239401.21

I'm just capable of compose this log entry. So much happened on Palanon, a planet rules by orions in the Tyrellian system. I was on an away mission with Commander Blair and the merchant who should lead us to our contact was shot by an orion brute. Not in front of me but close enough to get some sleepless nights. Had my first session with our counselor after my SO told me to. I hope I'll get rid of those dreams.

Another positive thing of Palanon is a real great ski resort and today I was promoted to Lieutenant JG - again. Hopefully I'll keep it this time. Lilly is very happy about three more ribbons and the black pip on my collar. If she's happy, so am I.

End log.

Frank O'Malley

Personal Log, Stardate 239310.24

So, this is my first personal log aboard the USS Gorkon. I´ve got many thoughts and many ideas but I think now it´s time. Now. The Gorkon is in duty again, we´re up to flying back into deep space and what we´ll find there - nobody knows. I´m married with Lilly for only some days but I think I know now what I´ve missed the whole time before. It was like a hole in my heart, in my soul.

My personal thoughts about the Yarahla, about the Clovis and about anything else - I´ll keep them for myself for the moment. Maybe there will be a day when I´ll write them down. But not today.

End log.