Francisco Villa

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Embassy/USS Thor
Francisco Villa
Position Marine
Rank Private
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237404.13
Age 26
Birthplace Manila, Philippines, Earth
Writer ID E239411GF0

Private Francisco Villa is currently serving as a Marine aboard the Embassy and USS Thor.


Francisco was born into a prestigious political family in Manila, Philippines. His father, Richard was a senator and his mother, Analyn a professor of psychology at De La Salle university in their hometown, where Francisco would later go on to attain a degree in Sports Science.

Francisco was a model student growing up, excelling at almost anything he turned his hand to, though his first love was always sport. He was an accomplished track athlete and boxer competing at a national level and also played basketball at college level.

With his academic as well as physical prowess, there were many paths Francisco could have followed, including following in the footsteps of either of his parents, but instead, with the blessing of both his father and mother, he chose to enrol with the Starfleet Marine Corps. as a private. It wouldn't have been difficult for Francisco to attend Starfleet Academy and achieve a rank as an officer, but perhaps because of his background, Francisco prefers to prove himself and work his way up the ranks through merit.