Francisca Von Reist

"Doctor Francisca Gabriella Maria Silva von Reist, at your service."
"Do you have nickname Doc?"
"Oh how dear of you! We're already at this stage of our relationship, okay Commander, I'll call you sweet, and you can call me... spicy"
USS Tiger-A
Francisca von Reist


  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Counselor
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Race: Human


  • Full Name: Doctor Francisca Gabriella Maria Silva von Reist
  • Nicknames: Doc, Spicy,
  • Current Rank: Civilian
  • Ship Serving: USS Tiger-A
  • Race: Human "Though Not Entirely I Suppose,"
  • Date of Birth: January 27th 2322
  • Place of Birth: Goa, India, Earth
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: Francisca is one of the few natural Human telepaths, though as discovered during her time at University, she has El-Aurian and Vulcan DNA #An El-Aurian great-great-Grandmother and a Vulcan sixth-great-grandmother#, so it is debatable as to just how much of her telepathic abilities are a result from the inbreeding with other species more than two centuries ago, or from a random mutation in her Human genes#


  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 160 LBS
  • Hair Color: Blonde-Brown
  • Hair Length: Neck Length
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Facial Features: Pale, though obviously and proudly sporting Hispanic features
  • Skin Tone: Pale. Faint glow of a tan, a representation of her latin heritage and days spent in the Indian sun.
  • Build: Lean
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None visible.
  • Scars: None visible.
  • Handedness: Right


  • Civilian Clothing Taste: Francisca is a very stylish woman, though she dresses relatively simply, though these 'simple' outfits are made from only the finest materials and by the most premier designers.
  • Shoes: Francisca likes simple, and functional heels, that are shaped for maximum comfort. Her pant legs usually cover her footwear however.
  • Cosmetics: Francisca usually goes light on cosmetics, usually only employing a quick layer of foundation pared with a simple accent eyeshadow and thin eyeliner. Her lipstick shade closely matches her actual lip color.
  • Voice: Francisca usually speaks with a thick, though clear, Colombian Accent, something she affected to honor her German-Colombian father. However, she is a master at changing her voice, and has shown a keen mastery of the French, German, English, Northern Hindi, Spanish and Cantonese Languages and their Accents. Francisca grew up speaking Portuguese and that is her native accent, though she rarely speaks in it, and claims to have forgotten the language of her youth.
  • Physical Presence: Radiant in an air of positive light, Francisca commands attention with her distinctive features and wardrobe, but also her prominent smile, which is nearly always on display.

Personality and Other Details

  • Personality Type: Francisca has seen much in her near 70 years alive, and while she is very youthful and active, she has an undeniable wealth of wisdom from not only her training as a mental health specialist, but a lifetime of experience. Francisca is also known for being quite eccentric and always having a story to tell about one adventure or another, some of which are beyond belief.
  • Humor: Francisca likes to smile almost as much as she likes making others do the same. She is a master of the dry comeback, the quick wit, and the eccentric, improvised, bawdry and bombastic one liners and jokes.
  • Likes: The finer things in life, duty, adventure, being sensitive and understanding when required, though also ruthless and efficient when called for.
  • Dislikes: A lack of respect to those whom she believes deserve it, hesitation, 'The Man',
  • Strengths: Quick thinker, kind (When he wants to be), superb survivalist, encyclopedic memory (A trait all Dokkarans share) and harmonious.
  • Weaknesses: "If I had any, why would I tell you? A Lady must maintain some secrets mustn't she?"
  • Hobbies: Going on adventures, shopping, social gatherings, she'll never say it, though she does truly love her job. Francisca also enjoys 'fighting the man'.
  • Religion: Francisca is a Roman Catholic though to what degree of fervor is up to debate. She rarely attends Church but she keeps several rosaries with her, and has a small, though respectable altar in her quarters. Francisca has a strong faith and admires religions of all creeds, and constantly makes light of her 'relationship' with the almighty and some of the more comical parts about her religion.


Francisca considers herself a true citizen of Earth and has ancestors from many ethnic and cultural groups. Francisca has a great love of her heritage and can proudly trace her mother's family's line back to the first Portuguese settlers in Goa, where they have remained sporadically ever since. Francisca is also very in touch with her South American and German roots, and while she struggles to accept he parts of her, however small, that are 'Alien', she tries to honor that heritage in some small ways, though she has yet to make any serious inroads into discovering the identity of her El-Aurian and Vulcan forbearers. Francisca's maternal grandmother was Portuguese South African, while her maternal grandfather was native Portuguese Goan with roots in Macau and the Algrave. Her paternal grandmother was full blooded German, while her paternal grandfather was Colombian of German descent.

  • Parents:
  • Mother: Doctor Amanda Isabella Maria Silva (Living in Goa). Francisca talks of her mother, though never anything beyond her childhood and perhaps a few tales of her teenage rebellion phase(s), suggesting that she might not be close with her mother. Amanda and her husband have lived apart for many years, and refuses to divorce Joachim as she considers it a mortal sin. It is unknown if their separation is the cause of the perceived distance between Mother and Daughter, though based on the fond ways she talks about her father, it seems likely.
  • Father: Councilor Joachim von Reist (Living in Paris). Councilor von Reist comes from a long line of Germans living in Colombia, though his family usually spent a good deal of time across the Atlantic as well, in the German town of Bingen am Rhein, where they originate. Joachim von Reist and Amanda Silva met in Macau in 2320 and were married a little over a year later, with Amanda becoming pregnant soon after. Perhaps a combination of the Indian climate, Amanda's devout and rigid Catholicism, and personality differences between the two caused Joachim and Amanda to separate after Francisca graduated from her undergraduate years in Stellenbosch, after many years of half forced, half genuine attempts at reconciliation for their family's sake. While several more attempts to reconcile were attempted while Francisca was in graduate school, all they amounted to was another child, a son, though his birth did not bring about the familial unity hoped for. Joachim later became a Parliament member for Colombia in the United Earth Parliament, and now works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Palais de la Concorde.
  • Brother: Daniel Christian Henrique Silva von Reist (Living in Bloemfontein). Christian was the product of the last attempt of reconciliation between Joachim and Amanda, and is 31 years Francisca's junior. Francisca also some what blames her mother for Christian's perceived flightiness and formerly self destructive lifestyle that took him most of his adult life to sort out. Christian currently lives in Bloemfontein, South Africa, with his newly married Afrikaner husband, in the house of his Portuguese South African grandmother, who left it to her two favorite grandchildren in her will. Francisca is protective of Christian and often calls him, and they correspond regularly. Francisca once attempted to use her many powerful contacts to give Christian art commissions and exhibits in his early, angst-ridden years, though has now allowed herself for him to succeed on his own. Christian is grateful, since he believes that his angry and immature art of his youth is subpar compared to his current work, reflective of his renewed vigor for life.