Four Deities

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Betazoid Religions

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The Four Deities are four religions icons recognized by the largest religions on Betazed and commonly used as an exclamation in everyday language ("By the Four Deities"). The Four Deities are drawn from four aspects of Betazoid life. These four deities are not anthropomorphic but rather spiritual concepts that Betazoids worship and adhere to.

The Four Deities are named after the Betazoid words for the spiritual concepts:

  • Altha (Peace/Stability)
  • Imza (Love/Compassion)
  • Fana (Nature)
  • Tholta (Truth/Honesty).

While all four have equal 'weight' as deities, there exists a structure to them in a diamond shape. At the top is Altha. Imza and Tholta are the middle points of the diamond, for without Truth and Love, there can be no peace and stability. The bottom point is Fana, or Nature, symbolizing the roots of the faith. Two central points represent the 'base' of the Betazoid civilized society. The bottom point of the diamond's association to the natural is a reminder that it is something that is often a delicate balance.


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