For a Miner's Daughter (Challenger)

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The Ferengis Grand Nagus is said to be killed by the Federation, and war was declared. The U.S.S. Challenger, at the request of Admiral B. Jameson, SFI, The Federation had settled on the planet Corio IV in search of raw materials needed to help extend survival of several near extinct races within the Federation. The colony is being held for "ransom" by the Ferengis. StarFleet Intelligence divulged the following information as this provides a background to the hostility displayed by the most-times negotiable race.

Six months ago, the Ferengi home planet was due for induction into The UFOP. The Ferengi say that the Grand Negus and a Ferengi Ambassador were to meet with Starfleet and the Vulcan embassy to prove their worthiness. The two alien diplomats were picked up by a Federation vessel on their home planet and were to be escorted through space when an alien species used technology and persuasion to convince the Federation vessel that the Ferengi on board were wanted by their authorities for unlawful smuggling. After many attempts of trying to reach a solution, the Federation ship sustained heavy damage capturing and later executing all occupants with the exception of the Captain who pleaded for his life. After suffering a massive beating, the Captain was placed in an escape pod and left adrift. Later it was picked up by another vessel and he was taken to Starfleet HQ for a debriefing. Starfleet Intelligence reports that the Federation vessel came under attack by the Hirogens. The Hirogens claimed a portion of space a "no fly zone" with no intention on deliberation for passage.

According to the ship's Captain, the Federation vessel made several attempts to gain passage when the Hirogen ship fired upon them. The Federation has tried to prove their innocence to the Ferengis several times. The Ferengi who are known to be negotiators, in this case were dead set on believing that Starfleet's involvement was that of an accomplice at the least.

The Mission of the U.S.S.Challenger was to:

  • Establish contact and rescue the Federation miners on Corio IV.
  • Find out what makes this material so important to the Ferengi? Monetary gain? Or are they also in need of this material for survival of the race?
  • Keep at a diplomatic level at all costs. If indeed this material is for survival, we need to come to some sort of agreement. Do not use unnecessary force.

Unfortunately, the Challenger's Away Team found that Hirogens were hunting the miners, and the Ferengis had put a shield over the mining colony to protect them. After destroying the shield, they extracted the all miners, except for James Naysmyth, the mining supervisor. The Away Team, touched by his daughter's plea to find her father, stayed to search for him. He was found in one of the mines, but he had battled a Hirogen and was injured. In spite of an Earthquake that threatened them, they were able to get him to the Challenger Sickbay, by taking the Challenger into the planet's atmosphere.

Deeming Corio IV unfit for inhabitation because of the potential for more Earthquakes, The Challenger too the miners to a planet that the Ferengis provided, and escorted the Hirogens back to their quadrant.

Members of the Away Teams:

  • Team 1
    • Major deMarc and a compliment of Marines
  • Team 2
    • Lt. Commander Frazier (FO)
    • Lt. Commander Netal (Chief Engineering Officer)
    • Lt. Jg. Tribuzio (Chief Tactical & Security Officer)
    • Lt. Jg. Levin (Chief Science Officer)
    • Lt. Toni Turner (Chief Medical Officer)