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Dueld taJoot

Dueld taJoot

The efforts of Dueld taJoot, a Catullan, to earn a post-graduate Vulcan student visa ground to an embarrassing halt after the interview phase. Lacking a goal, he joined the crew of a civilian cruise liner about to be launched from his homeworld's reknowned Yoyodyne shipyards. The Joyous Hope's inaugural voyage would take it across much of known space, all the way to Bajor.

The Hope's passenger pilgrims shared histories of Bajoran insight and innovation that fascinated Dueld, and upon arrival, he decided to stay a while. He spent two years alternating between tourist and reconstruction volunteer. As he walked in wonder around B'Hala, and got swept up in the lightship racing craze jumpstarted by fans of Emissary Sisko, it became clear to him that even an advanced civilization like Bajor would always need protection. Starfleet, it seemed, was pretty much the only protection available. He loved to design and to build, but if he wanted to build something that would make a lasting difference, he might want to try doing it from within Starfleet.

Four years later, less than an hour after his final Academy exam ended, he found himself on a much hastier journey to join the crew of another brand-new ship, the USS Vigilant. Whenever the intrigues entangling its completion on Zakdorn die down, he hopes to get to know his new ship better. And by 'better', he means he hopes to have time to find out where his quarters are.

Dueld expected that service as a Starfleet engineer would consist of tedium interspersed with panic, occasionally broken up by sleeping and/or eating. His passage to Zakdorn provided the tedium (Andorian freighter: too cold to sleep, tiny Ferengi merchant hauler: don't ask about the food). Since then? Mostly just panic. Perhaps more pertinently, however, he expected service as a Starfleet engineer would generally involve being, you know, on a ship. So far? Not so much. Before even boarding the dangerously-incomplete Vigilant for the first time, he found himself dodging Klingon weapons fire in a public market, scurrying through chilly tunnels in the dark, conducting questionably legal surveillance of a civilian institution, destroying Starfleet property in order to break into what turned out to be a spa, and defacing public works of art.

He hopes his second day will go better.



Lt. Commander Eerie is a native Brikar who has served on three different Starships, the Aurora, Avandar and recently been assigned the USS Vigilant. He had served in the Tactical and Security Departments, and now is the Chief Tactical and Security Officer for the Vigilant. His is a rated pilot. He joined the academy after taking an entrance exam and graduated in the middle of his class. His first He is fluent in his native language Brikar, Federation and Klingon.

He is a quiet, almost stoic individual who tends to listen before talking and usually will only talk when he believes in there is something important to say. He is very formal and by the book.

He is a member of the senior staff on the Vigilant. Eerie normally stays on board ship during most away missions, but has been a member of several landing parties. He participated in a first contact mission and has held the comm position on several occasions. In his security role, he normally gives an intruder a single warning. If they do not heed that warning, Eerie prefers action.

He is very loyal to his friends and anyone wearing the starfleet uniform.

Stardate 2388 had been a up and down year for Eerie. While he made Lt. Commander. He had several setbacks as well. He experienced the “Eden” mission which to him seemed like 10 years. During that mission, part of the crew mutinied after the crash of the Avandar.. He thought he lost his soulmate Peiy. Eerie retreated into to work and caring for a ‘daughter’. Only to find out that it was an experience that was concocted by an alien. He was involved with the mission to the Werent Colony, where a close friend , Lt. Commander Blackwood was killed. He was on his first formal away team with a first contact with an alien, who called himself “Bob”. Which challenged him to be a bit less stiff and formal and to see in ‘different colors’. He was recently transferred to the USS Vigilant.

Greir Reinard

Greir Reinard

When StarFleet made first contact in 2379, followed by the Romulans and Zalkonians they set off a chain of events. The social upheaval that eventually led to the downfall of the Monarch caused rifts in Greir’s family, many of whom were staunch supporters of the Monarchy. Greir was a young man finishing education with big decisions to make about his future. While some were suspicious or nervous of all the new species that’d suddenly made themselves known, Greir was intensely fascinated. This is one of his defining characteristics and he joined StarFleet in 2380 because of their considerable diversity. He wanted to learn more about each unique species, their culture, belief systems, history and more. At StarFleet Academy he soon learned of telepathic species, who like his own had a unique ability and felt he could relate to them in many ways. He found this unique ability more fascinating than most and while studying for his major in counselling specialised in Betazoids. Since graduating Greir has served on starships and a starbase. He’s made steady progress throughout his career and is well known for his sunny, optimistic nature, being calm, easy going, reliable and organised. His desire to impress those around him has led to some sticky situations but has never caused excessive problems. He goes beyond the call of duty to make himself available and ready to help his crew to the detriment of his personal life. He’s not kept in touch with family or friends from home.

Greir was very excited to get reassigned to the USS Vigilant at the end of the year and considered this the highlight of the year. Despite making good career progress during him time of the starbase he felt it was time for a change and could not pass up the opportunity for exploration and excitement. The fact that the assignment brought him closer to his home world just made matters all the sweeter. During the trip to Zakdorn IV he was very fortunate to have met Lt Cmdr Eerie, also transferring to the USS Vigilant and the duo have laid the foundations of a friendship. Arriving on Zakdorn iV the new crew is soon pressed into action to help with a political situation. Greir got to meet Minister Zaveri, a pro-federation figure who needed their help and was put in charge of preparing a presentation to win back public support.

Leo Handley-Page

Leo Handley-Page was the product of an extra-marital encounter between a Terran woman, Thera Datchet and a Byzallian warlord, Mons Vor. For the first five years of his life, Leo was raised in happiness and comfort on Earth, as his mother's husband Victor never questioned his legitimacy. But when his biological father found out about his existence, Leo was kidnapped and taken to his father's compound on Byzatium where he was renamed Graven Beaufytor and trained in everything from intergalactic politics to sword-fighting. It was his father's hope that one day Leo would take over his empire, and then the Byzallian government. When Leo was eighteen, his Father demanded that he join him in an assassination attempt against the Premier of Byzatium. Shocked by the treachery planned, Leo not only disobeyed his Father, but informed the authorities of his plot.

Leo fled Byzatium and applied to Starfleet Academy in 2373. At the Academy, Leo excelled in his science, engineering and tactical classes, and upon graduation, became a promising young science Ensign in Star Fleet. However, a few career dead ends along the way meant he left Star Fleet for a period of several years, serving on merchant ships, before rejoining as a security officer to the USS Independence-A. A mistake during the Hologate mission caused Leo to be demoted from Lieutenant back to Lieutenant JG. Soon after, he spent a leave of absence having adventures across the galaxy, before returning to Starbase118 to resume his career for a third time aboard the USS Vigilant.

Leo Handley-Page returned to Star Fleet in 2389 and was called back to duty aboard the USS Vigilant as First Officer. He felt honoured to be given such a role, and was as unexpected as it was welcomed. Leo made his way to his new ship, which was to patrol a section of Beta-quadrant Federation territory which had been all but annexed due to the closing of Klingon borders. The USS Vigilant, assigned to the Zeta Gelis region and the planet Zakdorn, had access to the scores of colonies, homeworlds and starbases that found themselves under siege. Leo revelled in his forthcoming challenges.

Kael Thomas

Kael Thomas

Born in a small country town outside of San Francisco, Kael is firmly grounded in hard work. With a father who insisted that they would pay nobody else to fix anything, Kael quickly learnt from a young age how to repair anything, and often with substituted materials. As Kael grew older, him and his twin brother began to be used to doing things on their own. With two parents who decided to take on high ranking roles in Starfleet, the pair saw more of each other than they did their parents. Given that his parents dragged him all over the sector, they had the advantage of becoming very familiar with Starfleet. An advantage that would play out in their Academy years.

Enrolling in Starfleet was almost expected of Kael. While he did feel as though he didn’t have any choice, he genuinely did want to enrol. Life at the Academy was easy for Kael. Having been raised in a communal setting already, living at the Academy was simply an extension of his home life. Majoring in Engineering was a breeze for Kael and ultimately would dictate his career out of the Academy. Having served on many Starships, Kael has developed a wide array of experience and skills. Often described as calm in an emergency Kael prides himself on his achievements and his can do attitude. Kael’s devout focus on his duty, has lead to a distance between him and his parents and in recent years left him wishing for closer relationships.

Being assigned to the Vigilant was one of Kael’s great hopes. He hoped that Vigilant would give him the new start he had been so longing for, after his LOA. A promotion to Chief Engineering Officer allowed Kael to naturally slot into an aspect of working aboard a Starship that he felt innately comfortable with. An eagerness that was put to use immediately on Zakdorn to get the unfinished Vigilant, ready to be launched. Kael during his mission was held captive at gun point for a short time. Brining up old memories of being held captive on an away mission, Kael has some inner demons that he reluctantly has to deal with.

Oxford Brown

Oxford Brown

Brown was born in the university city of Oxford his father a professor and his mother a nursing sister, his upbringing was fairly standard, with the usual family holidays to Risa and other worlds. Schooling was in local grade schools and high schools.

During his high school years Brown like most teenagers meet with with a group of similar aged teenagers, during this time he began to go off the rails, joyriding, stealing, fighting, drinking. The incident that lead to his arrest was a tragic accident in which one of his friends died in a ground car that having been stolen, crashed into a wall.

During the subsequent trial Brown was cleared of causing the death, however the damage done to his respect was devastating. His father gave him a stark choice, either sort his life out or leave the family home and be disinherited.

Brown started his twenty six week basic training at the SFMC depot in Lympstone, Devon. During this time Brown got into several fights over trivial things that marines tend to fight over, women, drink, personal space. During one such fight Brown was attacked and stabbed in the left thigh with a marine fighting knife.

After his training was complete Brown was posted to Number 2 platoon, Alpha Company, 254th Marine regiment. This company was nicknamed the widow maker.

After a training accident that left Brown unable to walk, he spent time in hospital relearning the skills of living. Being discharged from the corp. Brown joined Starfleet as a late entry studant, graduating as an Ensign.

Brown was left with a lot of anger after his accident, during his time in Starfleet first on the Apollo and lately on the Vigilant he has learnt to deal with his anger. During a recent mission Brown discovered his blood contained some Betezed DNA, due to the large number of transfusions after his accident. This was used as a base for an antidote for a viral infection. His time on the Vigilant so far has been intresting and exciting.

Kaedyn Zehn

Kaedyn Zehn

Lt Kaedyn Zehn is a joined Trill intelligence officer currently assigned to the USS Vigilant. Prior to Joining with the Zehn symbiont, his current host previously served onboard the Starbase 118, USS Victory and USS Resolution. One of many Starfleet brats to follow a parent into the service, Kaedyn was raised primarily by his medical officer mother. His sense of Trill culture is not particularly strong and unlike most of his species, he had no ambition to be joined with a symbiont.

During his first Starfleet assignment, Kaedyn met, and fell in love with, Eliaan Deron. They have been together ever since and have an adopted son, Janel, who was the biological son of Zehn's previous host, Jilenna. Following Jilenna’s death, the Janel was left an orphan and they decided to adopt the child. Eliaan is currently assigned to Deep Space 6 and Janel lives with him there. Prior to joining Kaedyn had been a generally shy, nurturing person his personality has subtly changed to include characteristics of his previous hosts. He is now much more outgoing, confident in his own abilities and has a focused analytical mind. The most important thing in his life is his family. His reassignment to the Vigilant has been challenging as it means he is now often away from them for extended periods of time. Despite this, he knows they are safer on DS6 than they would be on the Vigilant.

2389 was literally a life changing year for Kaedyn Zehn. Following the death of Marine Captain Jilenna Zehn in a runabout accident, Kaedyn Tann became host to the injured Zehn symbiont. While this was supposed to be a temporary measure, the time during which host and symbiont could be safely separated passed and he has been adjusting to the major changes in his life. Given the experience of his previous two hosts, Kaedyn was transferred to the Black Tower as Chief Intelligence Officer during the Klingon invasion of the newly formed Thracian Alliance. Before the end of the year, he was reassigned to the USS Vigilant and is looking forward to what 2390 has in store for him and his crewmates.

Diego Herrera

Diego Herrera

Having graduated Starfleet academy with a dual major in medical and counselling, Diego Herrera served at a number of postings throughout Starfleet during the early stages of his career. He was posted to the Eagle, the Challenger and the Federation Embassy on Duronis II, and has spent a considerable amount of time serving at Starfleet Medical on Earth. His straightforward and matter-of-fact approach to his duties coupled with his easy going and down to earth attitude make him easy to approach, although his circle of friends is smaller than it should be due to his workaholic tendencies.

A long time Parrises Squares enthusiast, Diego enjoys keeping up to date with it and regularly plays with colleagues. His family have a history of being involved with the sport. Ironically, his interest in neurology was born from a life-changing accident that befell his sister during one of her earliest games of Squares, when Diego was fourteen. Seeing the way that the medical officers responded to the accident and how well they worked while treating her left him with the ambition of following in their footsteps; the injuries sustained by his sister’s brain moved him to learn everything he could about the nervous system in the hopes that he could find some kind of a solution to improve her quality of life in the face of irreparable brain damage.

After demonstrating a flair for leadership and team management in Starfleet Medical’s neuroscience division, Diego was encouraged to take bridge officer training and became eligible to move into a command role. Achieving the rank of captain in 2389, he accepted command of the USS Vigilant, an Intrepid-class starship assigned to reinforce political stability in the Zeta Gelis region. Having been present to oversee the Vigilant’s final stages of construction and her launch into space, Diego feels a strong connection to the ship and is developing similar bonds with the crew. He hopes to make an impact as a Starfleet captain, both in terms of exploring the great unknown and establishing the Vigilant’s name in the north west corner of Federation space.