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USS AvandarLuna class

Marcus Dickens

Marcus was born in DS4 and was son of a Betazoid Counselor and an Angosian War Veteran. He was raised on DS4 until his father died in an accident trying to save a ship badly damaged and he was radiation poisoned when suddenly a plasma burst broke a recipient with a material that reacted with the plasma and emmited a lethal radiation. After that his mother moved to Betazed where he was raised and began to know about the abilities he'd inherited from his mother. He grow up and he felt the need to go out and explore the galaxy, so he decided to join Starfleet. After not excelling in the academy he majored in science and served under different captains, but it was with Mal Avatar on the Columbia that they're stranded in a planet, thing that changed his vision of life as he was possessed by two entities in short time. After returning to Federation space he continued his career serving with honored names as Rear Admiral Hollis and Admiral Jessa Kyrn Anassasi, he even flirted with Admiral Anassasi without knowing she was an admiral. He met his present wife on board the USS CHALLENGER-A and currently he and Vojana Minerva Satscher Dickens, share their marriage on board the USS AVANDAR whree he serves as First Officer.

This year has proven really difficult for Marcus, they headed for a planet named Eden on the other side of the Romulan territory where they spent the equivalent of ten years after the Avandar crashed surviving wildlife, an indigenous primitive civilization, a plot from an officer to take control of the crew and do something to escape the planet, without respecting the prime directive. After that mission he's recalled for a psicological evaluation and some tests by Starfleet medical that were secret and having a green card, he returned to the Avandar and resumed his task as First Officer. After battling some Klingons and dealing with Atmospheric space aliens, he'd found that something strange was happening with his captain and her wife but he wasn't sure what it is. He's confident to clear it in the upcoming year.



Tobis is an El-Aurian, who is currently serving as Science Officer on the USS Avandar. He has a strong interest in stellar and cultural studies. A natural extravert, Tobis likes to surround himself with many people during his off duty hours. He studied Social Psychology at the University of Betazed and likes to keep up with interplanetary journals specializing in research pertaining to persuasion, attitude change, and group dynamics. Tobis currently is single, while being married three times. Two of his marriages ended in divorce, while the third left him a widower. While he hates being alone, he also as recognized difficulties with having intimate relationships with species with a much shorter life span than himself. Since he expects to live many hundreds of years, he tends to mature slowly, wanting to hold onto his “youth” for as long as possible. Tobis has a natural curiosity for other species. After venturing out from his parent’s science vessel, him and his brother explored both the Beta and Alpha Quadrants. He greatly enjoyed Betazoid culture, and spent a number of years on their homeworld. Tobis also developed a fondness for Earth. While on Earth he owned a bar and grill, which his kept in operation for a number of years. It was after the death of his third spouse when Tobis decided to join Starfleet. Tobis majored in Science, specializing in Astronomy, Evolution, and Xenology while also minoring in Operations/Communications.   2389 was an important year for Tobis. After completing his cadet cruise, he graduated the academy.  Majoring in science, Tobis was very pleased to be assigned to the USS Avandar as Science Officer. Already, his first mission showcased some of his natural curiosity for stellar phenomenon, while also highlighting his lack of experience in the unique and the bizarre. Tobis was one of the officers selected for an away mission (his first of hopefully many) in which they were ordered to collect more information on the “ocean”, while attempting to locate two missing crewman. The two crewmen were found, and the sensor data collected was shown to be valuable in resolving the mission. Tobis eagerly awaits a chance to get to know his colleagues better and to continue to explore unique and strange phenomenon.

Della Vetri

Born among the southern islands of the Trill homeworld, Della was more than a little surprised to be accepted as a candidate for joining – and even more so when she was chosen. The Vetri symbiote brought more than just the usual with it, awakening her previously undetected latent telepathic ability, and leading her into a rather unplanned stay on Betazed whilst she learned how to cope with her new gifts.

It was there that she first began to think about joining Starfleet, applying herself with the same dedication she'd applied to becoming an acceptable host to the aim of getting into the Academy. Over the following years, she trained as a Counselor, following – more or less – in her mother's footsteps, and still remembers the sense of pride she felt when she was handed her orders to report to her first posting.

Since then, she has served aboard a number of vessels, offering her crewmates the support and aid they needed – even if they didn't admit it – until her comfortable existence as a mental health professional and some-time diplomat was disrupted by the offer of an entirely new job: First Officer of the USS Constitution-B. She's a long way from the faintly naïve young woman she'd once been. Rising to command a starship of her own, marrying in all but name, and becoming a mother herself, have all had their effects on her... but she'd change none of it at all.

2389 was a very long year for Della, at least from a subjective perspective. On the maiden voyage of her new command, the USS Avandar, the crew experienced an alien “message in a bottle” that left them living ten years stranded on an isolated world – or so they believed at the time. The effects of that experience have stayed with her, even as she led her crew through further encounters with the unknown.

Things didn't calm down all that much over the months that followed, with encounters with treacherous aliens that cost her a friend, meeting the most beautiful creatures she's ever seen, and even joining forces with the USS Drake to counter the Klingons during their conflict with the Romulans.

With the events of the year now behind her, she's looking to focus on the future, and to see what 2390 has in store...

S'Lone i-Ra'thleifl tr'Khellian

S'Lone i-Ra'thleifl tr'Khellian

S’Lone tr’Khellian. Ex-Marine NCO. Intensely loyal to shipmates. Aloof but friendly. Willing to help out in any way with an easy smile in a warm handshake. The last stint at SFI has him in counterintelligence and made him lots of enemies. Sloan’s closest friends are in the Marine Corps. Onboard the ship his data construct Rik Fabre the garishly clad Ferengi is a close confidant and acquaintance. S’Lone fills his time exploring molecular gastronomy, reading Vulcan poetry, and heading to the range. He talks to his mother once a season, she is posted as second ambassador to Bajor.  His father was killed by his grandfather who is currently on the Romulan continuing committee. S’Lone has a almost pathological desire to lay his grandfather to waste. His proudest moment was when he was promoted to master gunnery Sgt. His second proudest moment was being asked by his mentor at Starfleet Academy to consider joining SFI.

Two concepts permeates his very core. The first being F.I.D.O or frak it drive on. The second is the concept of ready fire aim. This is one of his failings and strengths. In terms of mannerisms he speaks colloquially and has a typical ex-military gallows humor which many find offensive but is a defense mechanism and a release valve for him. Sometimes he wishes for a simpler life harkening back to his early times in the Marine Corps as a scout sniper.

Eden was tough but losing a close crewmate was tougher. Then no matter how hard he tried those he became close to onboard the ship to promotions elsewhere. The most important occurrence was his injury to his right arm. Though real S’Lone began hatching a plot to gain revenge once he found his grandfather was to be on earth in a few months hence. Other notable occurrences were a mole hunt which is still ongoing aboard the ship; playing with atmospheric space aliens, run-ins with Klingons, and a few nice for leaves including Poseidon.

Rune Jolara

Rune was born in 2363 and in Al-Leyan culture, was immediately taken to the nearest Haemachuo Center to be raised.  At age 10, she met her biological mother and blood sister for the first time. Her 'branch' or path in life was determined at an early age and her education was specifically geared toward that of a psychiatrist.

Due to the fact Al-Leyan society is very strict and certain things (in Rune's case homosexuality) are determined non-beneficial to their species and therefore forbidden, Rune (at the age of 16) was compelled to undergo a treatment known as attitude readjustment when she was unable to conform on her own.  This would be an important factor in later events in her life.

At age 18, with the approval of the Al-Leyan government, Rune applied to Starfleet Academy and became one of a very few Al-Leyans and the very first Counselors to be accepted. After graduating, she was assigned to the USS Avandar where she currently serves.

Rune spent the majority of 2389 still in the Academy. Upon graduation, she was assigned the position of Counselor aboard the USS Avandar. Her very first mission was a joint effort between USS Avandar and USS Drake during the Klingon Invasion in which they secured Gateway Station and rescued a large group of refugees. Rune worked directly with the refugees to make sure they were taken care of until they reached Posiden where they were safely transferred to the USS Syria.