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USS ApolloAchilles class

Tal Tel-ar

Tal Tel-ar

Who is Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar. That is a good question. He is an Andorian but one with no ties to his home world. He was raised among Ten-nokians, a primitive pre-industrial people. It was a harsh desert world that forced him to fight each and every day just to survive.

He was rescued by Tellarites and taken to Andor. He had never seen one of his own people and extensive genetic scans showed that while he was indeed Andorian he had no ties to any family or clan. This made him an outsider. Due to reasons beyond his control he was told to leave Andor and never return.

He graduated from the Academy with 2 majors. One in security and the other in tactical. He returned to the Academy 2 more times and received 2 more majors. One in Intelligence and the other in operations. He specialised in survival training, hostile environments, primitive weapons and hand to hand combat.

For the most part he is a loner. He hides his emotions as well as any Vulcan and tends to take chances with his own life but never with others. He has made a few friends and was even married to a human. When his captain stepped down Tal was temporarily placed in command of the USS Challenger-A. Since then Tal has been transferred twice and continues to be both a slave to duty as well as a lightning rod for danger.

Tal was transferred away from the Duronis II Embassy and joined the crew of the USS Apollo. Shortly after he left on an extended leave and returned to Earth where he finalized the details of his unexpected divorce. Upon returning to the ship he threw himself into his work. Even ignoring her own medical condition in the process. As usual he refrained from social contact with the other members of the crew. All that mattered was the job. That is until he met the ships new Orion botanist. Since then he has been spending a lot of free time with her. While in the Typhon Expanse a region of space better described as a combination of the Sargasso Sea and the Bermuda Triangle they encounter an unusual lifeform. One that threatened the survival of the entire crew.