Flashpoint (Montreal)/Security After Action Report (Shin)

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Submitted by Security officer Lieutenant JR Kawakame Shin.

After our away teams were engaged by hostile parties the Montreal's phasers were re-calibrated for a focused wide band stunning shot. The phasers were used successfully for anti-ground personnel fire.


This setting and use of the ship's phasers allowed for the successful prevention of a large force of hostile in engaging one of our away teams without lethal force.

While the phaser calibration was used successfully it's power and scope reduced its effectiveness against the general terrain. While a full power phaser shot is capable of carving through granite in a matter of seconds the output and burst fire use of the phasers in this circumstance prevented penetration of rocky terrain that was used by a couple of targets to escape fire then subsequently retreat to safety.

Steps taken

  • Lieutenant JR Kawakame Shin and Ensign Lieu Dante are co-developing a new mode set designed for fast and effective non-lethal anti-personnel use, specifically form orbit, with further application modes to added later.
  • All officers and crewman that serve in tactical are to be fully briefed on all the modes of fire and the system input and output setting for each.


Scheduling a test time for these new firing modes is highly recommended before field use.


While the improvised use of the phasers was a success in the field in this instance both Lieutenant JR Kawakame Shin and Ensign Lieu Dante affirm that the new firing modes not only solve the issues that arose but also provide a variety of options for different terrain and even structures depending on certain statistics such as materials, density, energy and other circumstantial interference which will require on-site adjustment and calibration as normal.