Flashpoint (Montreal)/Science After Action Report (Galven)

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Submitted by Chief Science Officer Lt German Galven.

Following an attack and conflict with the Tholians and proceeding with a pirate force several weeks after, this is to prevent any further incidents in which events could've been handled better. Granted the mission was successful, these steps are to encourage better critical thinking.

Performance during Tholian Attack

While under attack by Tholian ships, the crew was ordered to disable the ships without any casualties. After little deliberation with a few departments the order was given to modify a tractor beam and aim towards the enemy at the same time their tetryon beam canon opened.

The plan was successful, but nonetheless deadly when one of the ships was completely obliterated while the two other ships were disabled. Thus negating the order to disable ALL ships.

Steps Taken

  • Making better choices in the moment of conflict. Even that it be during a crisis, the crew must plan a safe outcome as much as possible even when the original order was to disable the enemy.
  • Teaching the crew more about the second law of thermodynamics. For example, when two heat signatures are in a combination with one another.


  • A science course for the crew to be better understand chemical reactions and how heat works.


After tensions being so high after the attack on Astrofori One, the USS Montreal and the USS Veritas engaged with the Tholians and attempts for a peaceful conversation were halted when the enemy started firing at both ships. The Montreal took on heavy damage, but after discussing briefly on what they should do because weaponry was scarce, a plan was enacted to disable the ships with a modified tractor beam.

Performance during Pirate Invasion

After three weeks searching for the missing crew of the USS Artemis and secret equipment stolen by pirates, the senior staff met in the conference room to discuss how to remain undetected once they arrived to an interesting decaying planet around an ancient white dwarf.

Steps Taken

  • Actually using the plan to emit holograms of smaller ships to distract the enemy
  • Better judgment during a firefight with the pirates that resulted in a crewman getting killed.


  • More battle simulations in the holodeck
  • Red Alert drills


Through a miraculous turn of events, the pirates surrendered and the Artemis crew and secret equipment were recovered by the away team's efforts.