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The Flamingo Club is a first-rate dancing hall, top notch stage for a variety of performers and comedians. Every night there is something dazzling and new. The owner, Aliza Corbanni, is one of the sectors most celebrated dancer and singer. She often fills in, taking the stage to entertain her special customers. With soft, mellow lighting, a variety of music to attact all sorts, and drinks and food served 24 hours a day, the Flamingo Club is a place for all.

All shows are from 1800 hrs until 2400 hrs (6 to 12am). Before 6pm from 12 noon to 6pm, dancing lessons are given by Corbanni's staff and herself. From 12 midnight until 3am, drinks are served but not food. At 4am until 11am breakfast is served. During the morning hours, patrons may come, sit, eat and read the paper or talk with the owner. Several large, screen visuals sit around the establishment on the walls allowing patrons to tune into the local news or other shows from across the galaxy.

The Flamingo Club has two holodecks, which are rented out by reservations only. Usually, the holosuites are used for dance trainings, however, other uses do exist.

There are two bouncers. One is a Klingon named Krell. The other is a shapeshifter called Twan. Krell usually stands his post at the entrance of the establishment, complete with Bet'Leth blade strapped across his back. Other weapons to his liking are quite visable and are worn merely to scare away any trouble if his size hadn't already done so. Twan is a bit more sutle. Tall, slender and quiet, he stands in shadows but with eyes like a hawk. He is swift and agile.

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