Filling the Void (Gemini)

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Dakota-icon1.gif       "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has
the courage to lose sight of the shore."

- André Gide

USS Gemini
Dakota Class
The USS Gemini

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Filling the Void

"En route to find out why Prometheus Station has gone silent, the USS Gemini under the command of Captain Liam Frost suddenly suffers a series of catastrophic malfunctions. Isolated with no means to communicate, the crew must organize and act together if they want to survive."

Mission location and Stardates

Subspace anomaly, Piktar System
239103.17 - 239104.22

Mission Data

  • Status update 239103.17

During Gamma shift, the USS-Gemini shakes violently, injuring or killing several crewmembers. The lights go out, the communications system and the turbolifts are inoperative, and the warp core stabilisation and life support systems are working on emergency batteries are quickly declining. Scattered through the ship and with no means to raise one another, the able crew have to band together in small groups and take personal initiatives to restore the essenital functions of the ship and ensure their survival.

  • Status update 239103.30

A group led by Captain Liam Frost manages to restart one of the fusion generators, providing barely enough power for the emergency systems to function. Life support is restored, for now.

  • Status update 239104.10

An Engineering team led by Chief Engineer Firestarter manages to jump-start and stabilise the warp core, in spite of the Universal Translator having broken down.

  • Status update 239104.10

In the Sciences department, Captain Liam Frost and Ensign Alana Larson have come to the theory that the ship is trapped inside a subspace anomaly. They manage to contact First Officer Alex Blair and CSO Richard Frost on the bridge with a seemingly insane plan: in order to free the USS-Gemini, they want to collapse the anomaly on itself... with the ship still inside.

  • Status update 239104.22

The Gemini has survived the implementation of her captain's demented plan, and escaped the subspace anomaly that kept her trapped, not without damage. Nonetheless, the bruised and battered crew arrive in sight of Prometheus Station and prepare to complete their mission.