Fighting Stones (Challenger)

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"Fighting Stones" By Hugh Barnes

Details coming at the end of the mission.

Just some general information as I read through the sims. I am leaving the actual wording of the sim as much as possible, to preserve any urtext that was developed.

Avian Species Colouration of the feathered ruff: deep purple, dull brown, jade green The ruff signifies the cast. Purple for Leadership. Brown for security, Jade for Managerial.

Prime Minister Withaaa -- the leader of the Avian people.

Feline Species Human sized, ears and head was atypical of Earth's domestic cats but with a face of a human. The upper body and arms are also humanoid, with the exception of the paws for hands. From the waist down they are totally catlike - furred and muscular legs giving the appearance of being extremely agile.

Viceroy Whiskers Milady Purrcilla Mia-ow -- was a teenager

They sit on pillows, use scratching posts, and other play things suitable to amuse a kitten.

The Feline's appear to be advancing faster, they are launching ships into space to see "what's out there"

Interesting Side Notes A cloak - made from meta-materials which cause electro-magnetic distruptions causing the light to flow around the object in the same way that flowing water flows around something placed in it.