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Crew of the USS Montreal

Femi Cattan.png

Lieutenant Femi Cattan

“Caring is the essence of nursing. -Femi Cattan”

Lieutenant Femi Cattan was a nurse aboard the USS Astraeus.


  • Full Name: Femi Cattan
  • Date of Birth: 237102.18
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Hair length: Long curly hair, most of the time worn in a bun, ponytail or braid
  • Skin tone: Light brown
  • Eye color: Emerald Green

Professional History

Starfleet Academy

After graduating from high school she knew that she wanted something more. She wanted to become a nurse since she already had a lot of experience. She knew that it could get risky sometimes but once she gets passionate about something, she goes for it. She wanted to go somewhere where she could get to learn more about other species, cultures and help in the bonds between them. That is when she decided to go to the Starfleet academy but the academy is far from home. Her cousins went there too so it wasn’t an entirely new thing for her family to comprehend.

  • Her mother was doing better but she was still very weak. Her father didn’t want her to leave because as a carpenter he was gone from early in the morning until late in the evening and someone had to look over the handmade clothes shop.

Femi had to make the hard decision and leave for her own sake. She wanted to grow and become a nurse that more people could depend on. Not only the people from her own village but people from all walks of life.


During her first assignment Femi served aboard the USS Za as a nurse, she later served on the same ship as the Chief Medical Officer after receiving the promotion to Lieutenant JG. She then served briefly on the USS Athena as the Chief Nursing Officer. Femi later transferred to the USS Atlantis as the Chief Nursing Officer and then as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer after receiving the promotion to full Lieutenant. After her service on the USS Atlantis Femi was transferred to the USS Montreal where she now serves as the ship's Counselor.

Personal History

Femi is born an grew up in Egypt on earth where she always played together with her siblings. She has an older sister by two years named Rhina and a younger brother by five years named Serin.

When Femi was 12 years old their mother got very sick. During that time Femi learned how to grow herbs and make medicines from it. She even became the local doctor apprentice trying to find a cure for their mothers'sickness. Her older sister Rhina started to take care for bringing their younger brother to school and she finished the household chores while Femi picked their brother up from school. Femi and her siblings made dinner together so that by the time their father had finished work he could join them.

Femi and Serin, her younger brother helped out in her mother's handmade-clothes shop a lot as children. Her brother would weave large pieces and Femi would sew it all together. Even though her brother was young back then he was the best at weaving, combining all sorts of beautiful colors. When Femi was 16 years old there were times when she had to head out together with the doctor to different places trying to heal people. Those were difficult times because she always puts others first and The years had cost a lot of energy for their whole family but she knew that she could learn a lot being an apprentice.


Femi is very loyal, trustworthy polite and treats everybody with respect. She knows a lot about people and she almost feels what others experience. So when there’s something wrong, she is the first to notice. As a nurse, she is very gentle and caring, yet she can be very strict when needed. Although she likes to work hard she is joyful and always in for a good laugh. She is scared of spiders and doesn’t like most of the other insects that much either.

Physical Description

  • Build
    • General
  • Height
    • 1.62 Meters
  • Weight
    • WIP

Habits and Abilities


Femi likes to read a good book. Especially when they're history related, but a good novel can charm her too. In her spare time, she likes to cook oriental dishes or bake something nice. She's a singer and hopes one day to form a small band with someone.




As a Youth

  • As a child, she was very kind, friendly and caring.
    • As long as she could help others, she was "happy".

As an Adult


Notes, and Trivia