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Federation News Service

Who are your heroes?

Editorial by Lyndsey Fisher
Stardate 239202.03

USS Apollo-A

Lyndsey Fisher, FNS/Starfleet Bureau of Information

When we were children, the concept of heroes and role models flowed quickly into our minds. On Earth, 400 years ago, little children looked into the sky, saw the stars and the brave men and women who rode dangerous, prototype, chemically propelled rockets into space—and we called them heroes. These brave few individuals made literal careers out of exploration, and challenged life's big questions, venturing into the great unknown.

Now, onboard the USS Apollo-A, I will be giving an ongoing expose piece on the brave men and women of this grand starship. Under the gentle, guiding hand of Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, I hope to provide you with gripping revelations into the lives, both professional and personal, of our stalwart crew.

Who are they? Where do they come from? What are their personal goals in a life devoted to Starfleet and the Federation? How will their choices affect the life of the everyday Federation citizen? Indeed, will their choices even affect you at all?

I put the question to you, the reader: what are the things you'd like to know? What do you want to hear about? How deeply do you wish to learn about your heroes; how human are they in your minds? Or do you prefer them as iconic untouchables, statues in a grand pantheon of unreachable demi-gods?

In my opinion, Starfleet officers are no different than any other kind of being. They put their tunics on, one leg at a time. They have the same problems as you and I; they live, they love, they worry about friends, loved ones, they have lives and stories all their own.

I'd like to share those stories with you. While I do so, please ask yourself the question: who are my heroes? And why?

Next month, I'll present the junior officers of the bridge crew, their promotions, their goals, their brotherhood. We see them every day. But do we know them? We will very soon!

Lyndsey Fisher is an honorary ensign assigned to the USS Apollo-A for the FNS and Starfleet Bureau of Information.

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SD 239202.03 • Sol Sector Edition