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Federation News Service

USS Atlantis rescues away team from planet being torn apart

Stardate 239204.20

While responding to the Prometheus Station crisis, the USS Atlantis discovered a bio-engineered woman on Piktar I.

PIKTAR I — An away team from the USS Atlantis arrived at Outpost Bravo to discover a bio-engineered woman wreaking havoc on the surface of Piktar I.

The away team from the Atlantis reached the research station via the aeroshuttle Tiger Shark. Outpost Bravo is linked to Prometheus Station, which had recently suffered a catastrophic event. The remaining crew on the Atlantis conducted repairs on the ship.

Upon arrival to Outpost Bravo, the away team discovered that Piktar I had suffered a catastrophic earthquake that created an 800 meter chasm surrounding the remains of the outpost. The away team from Atlantis was unaffected due to not being within the outpost at the time. The away team was then split into two, one led by Lt. Cmdr. Rendall Rennyn and the other by Lt. Cmdr. Tracey Townson.

Rennyn’s team was instructed to take the Tiger Shark into the chasm to attempt a rescue of any scientists that may still have been alive, while Townson’s team entered the remains of the outpost to do the same. Aftershocks led to injuries sustained by Lt. JG Adam Hasse, who was assisted back to health with the help of both Lt. JG Zinna and Lt. Daro Conti.

Meanwhile, two Breen vessels stayed in orbit around Piktar I and for the most part were quiet but kept everyone on edge, as the crew who remained on Atlantis performed the finishing touches of their repairs. Once complete, the Atlantis continued to Piktar I to rendezvous with the away team.

Rennyn’s team discovered an intact secret underground research facility that appeared to be conducting advanced and illegal bio-engineering experiments. The team further found that experiments were being conducted on at least one human female. The human female in question appeared to be able to control the icy elements of her environment and clearly stated she was the one responsible for the earthquakes.

The bio-engineered woman, known as Elsa, became disheartened when she learned of the inadvertent damage she had caused and more earthquakes started up on the surface and also in the underground facility, which began to get cold and become overrun with ice. It was at that moment, after Elsa demanded all leave lest she hurt another, that the Atlantis arrived at Piktar I and slipped past the Breen ships in orbit and rescued all who were left on the planet.

“Bio-engineering is against the laws of the Federation,” said Dr. Nathalya Ferreira, director of the Federation Science Council “While we are profoundly grateful for the rescue of the scientists, we will pursue those responsible.”

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