Federation News Service/USS Apollo-A investigates coup on Pertainia

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Federation News Service

USS Apollo-A investigates coup on Pertainia

Stardate 239110.19

Starfleet has dispatched the Odyssey class USS Apollo-A to Pertainia Prime to assess the situation.

PERTAINIA PRIME — After a sudden coup d'etat on Pertainia Prime, Starfleet has dispatched the USS Apollo-A to evacuate the Federation Embassy.

Pertainia Prime had been seen as a peaceful world when the Federation installed an embassy on the planet, and plans were underway to build a scientific research station in orbit to take advantage of the system's proximity to the Typhon Expanse. A local group opposed to the construction of a Federation station has since been discovered to have spent years infiltrating the government and rallying their numbers. In a swift move, they were able to seal off the Presidential Palace and Federation Embassy in a coup d’etat.

After receiving word, the Federation planned to dispatch a ship to evacuate the Embassy and offer asylum to the elected government officials.

"We will not tolerate such an assault on the legitimate Pertainian government, but our first priority is the safety of our own people," said Secretary Haros Chenta of the Federation Security Council.

Starfleet Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, commanding officer of the USS Apollo-A, volunteered his crew for the mission, and the ship departed Utopia Planitia to make her way to the distraught world. While en route, they rendezvoused with the USS Excalibur-A and USS Constitution-B for an exchange of crews. Once the housecleaning task was completed, they set their sights on Pertainia Prime.

After arriving in the system, an away team was sent to the surface to gauge the rioting citizens and provide much needed intel for an extraction team, should the Federation citizens not be released. After spending some time on the surface, the team checked in with the Apollo. While the crew and captain deliberate on the next course of action, the elected President and Ambassadorial staff remain isolated, awaiting rescue.

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