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Federation News Service

Rescue mission becomes first contact

By Cole Sphinx
Stardate 239112.06

Orthica's Bane Nebula

TEMPEST SECTOR — With the new exploration initiative underway in the Tempest Sector, the USS Victory’s first rescue mission of a missing Cardassian vessel has put them smack dab in the middle of a first contact situation.

Though we have not been made privy to much that is going on, collected information points to the fact that the Victory has encountered an alien race while searching for a missing Cardassian starship. We have only seen a few glimpses of these new alien’s vessels. They are elegant designed dagger ships with an almost mirrored polish.

What we have been able to gather through the ship’s Public Affairs Office is that the USS Victory's Gorn commanding officer Commander Nugra is now in the process of communicating with a race calling themselves the Sunak Triumvirate. Negotiations are also on the way, led by Ensign Leland Bishop, to secure the release of forty-five Cardassian personnel. No information has been given as to why they are being held or what demands these Sunak are making.

Only time will tell if this first contact will end peaceably or not.

Reporting for the Federation News Service from the USS Victory.

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SD 239112.06 • Sol Sector Edition