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Federation News Service

Starfleet mobilizes response to "the greatest threat to the quadrant since the Dominion War"

Stardate 239201.22

Prometheus Station in the Piktar System has suffered a catastrophic accident, causing massive rifts in subspace to appear.

PIKTAR SYSTEM — Following the discovery of massive rifts in subspace, Starfleet is mobilizing an immediate and large-scale response as countless Federation citizens’ lives are in danger.

Ships from across the fleet will be joining in the response to find a way to stop the rifts and protect those in the path of destruction. In a press conference from Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco, Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf described the situation as the “greatest threat to the quadrant since the Dominion War,” and advised citizens that the crisis requires a response of almost the same magnitude.

“We are mobilizing all available resources to deal with this threat to Federation citizens,” he said. “I want to assure everyone that we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of those in the path of these anomalies.”

The cause of the rifts is still under investigation, but anonymous sources have forwarded reports of a catastrophic accident aboard Prometheus Station in the Piktar System. The station is a research and development facility for the Starfleet Sciences and Technology Division and houses over one thousand scientists and personnel.

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SD 239201.22 • Sol Sector Edition