Federation Man/Night Siege

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Fictional Argent Sphere
Night Siege

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Nemesis of Federation Man
  • Race: Borg Hybrid
  • Known Alliances: Unknown

  • Ship: Argent Sphere
  • Currently Stationed: Delta Quadrant
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The villain known as Night Siege is the epitome of enemy for Federation Man in the galaxy. He is responsible for numerous tragedies in Federation Man's life.

Night Siege is a master of strategy in every sense of the world. Sadistic, psychotic and a being of high intelligence, he is a high contender for the worst enemy Federation Man has ever faced. There are different origin tales for Night Siege that have run through the multiple story lines over the course of the series. Some include Night Siege willingly giving himself to the Borg in order to become their pinnacle assimilated leader and others have set this tale as more of an accident, of the Borg destroying his personal vessel and assimilating his entire family. Some writers have even proposed that he was the original Federation Man that the Federation Battle Net (FBN) failed to protect.

Powers, Equipment and Abilities

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