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Fictional USS Defender
Captain Robin Sharp

  • Ship: USS Defender
  • Currently Stationed: Beta Quadrant
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Robin Percy Sharp is a fictional character created by the Federation and Starfleet. He serves as the civilian and secret identity of the superhero Federation Man.


In the early publications of the comic, Robin Sharp was created as the alter-ego of the superhero in order to fulfil the dramatic prospect that the superhero could not remain on duty at all times and when he did become Robin Sharp again, he was relinquishing the duties of protecting the galaxy to Starfleet.

To the masses, Robin Sharp is a decorated starship Captain within Starfleet and commands his own vessel in the later series; a Defiant class starship known as the USS Defender. To avoid suspicion that he is Federation Man, to those outside of his crew he is an aggressive, sometimes irresponsible soldier who is slightly addled from serving at the front line too many times. However, he is also the well respected Starfleet Captain, holding his own for his crew and delivering them out of very sticky situations.

Fictional Character Biography

Robin Sharp is the Captain of the Federation Starship Defender and the son of Cassius and Theo Sharp. When Robin Sharp was a child, he was subjected to the various demanding cultures of each of his cross-bred origins. His parents were bastions of support for him and reside on Betazed as of 2378, both still healthy and living. Robin joined Starfleet and travelled the galaxy working his way up through the ranks until he became a Captain in 2368 originally of a Constitution-class vessel. He was then recruited by the Federation and Starfleet to become their "next line of defence" in the prevention of crime and invasion in Federation space.

Real Biography

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