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Featured Bio Contest

This Month's Winner

USS Veritas
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List of Featured Articles from 2015

RustyyHael.png Rustyy Hael
December 2015

Tinkerer, protector, outdoorsman, all terms that could describe Lieutenant JG Rustyy Hael, and engineering officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.

Born in Grayling Alaska, Hael was the first of seven children born to a charismatic bartender and a lighthearted waitress. Growing up, Hael was always getting into scrapes standing up for his siblings and tinkering with machines until his parents decided to have him join Starfleet in order to make something of himself.

Since graduating from the Academy, Hael has seen a lot. From fighting to keep his ship in one piece during his first outing, to battling Borg nanites, to traveling back to 1914! What does the future have in store for Hael? Only time will tell!

Featured Nominee: Sinda Essen

Siris.png Siris
November 2015

Siris may look human, but behind his youthful El-Aurian appearance is a life that has thus far spanned over two centuries. Born in 2141 on El-Auria, Siris fled the planet along with several hundred others when it was attacked in 2265. He moved from planet to planet as a refugee and was caught briefly in the Nexus before being rescued along with other El-Aurians by the USS Enterprise-B in 2293.

During the first half of the 24th century, Siris worked various odd jobs and employed his skill as a "listener" to learn more about the galaxy around him and its secrets. After a stint with Starfleet Intelligence as a civilian, he eventually chose to enter Starfleet formally to serve as an intelligence officer. Since he joined, he has risen up the ranks and moved across various duty posts, even serving briefly as acting captain of the USS Constitution-B. He later transferred into the Starfleet Marine Corps after he became ill following the Prometheus Incident. As a marine, he became a SWAT team commander on the USS Victory and USS Gorkon before reaching his current post as first officer of the USS Avandar.

Featured Nominee: Rune Jolara

Zinnateal.jpg Zinna
October 2015

Singer, scientist, counselor, doctor, murder, and pacifist are all words the could be used to describe Lieutenant Zinna of the USS Apollo-A. Born over two hundred years ago, the El-Aurian medical officer has seen and done a lot in her lifetime and that was all before joining Starfleet!

After a period of time in which she toured with the Alpha Quadrant Music Tour, Zinna reenlisted in Starfleet and served as a counselor on the USS Atlantis before being transferred to her current duty post as a medical officer aboard the USS Apollo-A.

Featured Nominee: Ceciri Hakashri

TraenorCommand.jpg Maxwell Traenor
September 2015

If you were to ask Maxwell Traenor to describe himself, he would say he was 'wholly unremarkable'. Not so! The Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Darwin-A is anything but unremarkable. He is a baby-grand playing, bike riding, laundry shirking, camera loving guy who is known as Gordie to his friends. And, he leaves his room in the morning without making the bed!

Starting his career aboard the USS Apollo, he transferred to the Darwin in 2392, where he has pioneered the multispecies initiative and is currently acting as First Officer in a high stakes mission against the mysterious Sicarius organisation.

Featured Nominee: Cory Stoyer

Cpeters.png Cadfael Peters
August 2015

Hailing from Shrewsbury, England, on Earth, Cadfael Peters isn't one for formal dress parties though he enjoys a good drink or two. Peters kept to himself at Starfleet Academy and hasn't shared much of his background with anyone since he's been in the fleet. He did get to know a future colleague Ayiana Sevo through the Cadet Cultural Exchange Subspace Friend program, but it wasn't until they were both assigned to the USS Victory that he met her.

Peters suffered ear trauma and hearing loss early on in his career, and he has since been treated with the EARS implant, a medical device analogous to the VISOR that restored his hearing. An engineer through and through, he worked his way up to the chief's position on the Victory before being assigned to the USS Darwin-A and his current posting aboard StarBase 118 Ops.

Featured Nominee: Maxwell Traenor

Lt Ren Rennyn.jpg Rendal Rennyn
July 2015

Easy-going, kind, efficient, curious, all are terms that could be used to describe Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn of the USS Darwin-A.

After growing up on a prosperous family farm on the Trill home world, events that transpired towards the end of the Dominion War and a strong desire to contribute to the peace cause compelled Ren to enroll in Starfleet. After the Academy, Ren was assigned to the USS Atlantis as the Helm Officer where he served valiantly before being transferred to the Darwin. What does the future aboard the Darwin hold for Ren? Only time will tell.

Featured Nominee: Talia Kaji

TheoWhittaker1.png Theo Whittaker
June 2015

Driven, and focused with a history of rebelliousness. All three terms could be used to describe Lieutenant Junior Grade Theo Whittaker. After spending the majority of his childhood under the care of his father while his mother served in Starfleet, Theo made the difficult decision to defy his father’s intentions and join Starfleet.

After graduating from the Academy, Theo was assigned to the USS Columbia where he was immediately thrown into action. First there was an AI that had taken partial control of the command systems, then there was the discovery of a deadly weapons delivery system that had to be deal with. What does the future hold for Theo Whittaker? Only time will tell.

Featured Nominee: Cory Stoyer

RenosRed.png Renos
May 2015

Deviant. Criminal. These were the words that Renos was branded with on the J'Naii homeworld when ne began to present both male and female behaviours during different situations on a genderless world. Left with no other option, ne fled, leaving behind nir family and friends to begin a new life.

Mercifully, that new life took the form of a very successful career in Starfleet. Excelling as both a counsellor and medic, Renos served aboard Starbase 118 before transferring to the USS Apollo-A and eventually moving into a command role aboard the USS Darwin-A. With a new ship and a new crew to command, nir days as a deviant fugitive are behind nem... or are they?

Featured Nominee: Brell

Anen-Nav.png Anen Sonbef
April 2015

Born to royalty yet convinced he would amount to great things, Anen Sonbef of the USS Excalibur-A entered into University of Maahes upon reaching adulthood to begin his studies as a medical doctor. The university turned into a hotbed of revolutionary activity, and nearly brought the government down atop of him. Sonbef and his family were able to escape the turmoil of his home planet and took refuge in the Federation. His service record prior to his tour on the Excalibur includes time at Starfleet Medical Academy, Starbase 118, the USS Mandela, and the USS Halcyon.

Featured Nominee: Maxwell Traenor

Liani.png Liani
March 2015

As her bio makes abundantly clear, Liani h'Rhendria lyr'Theel'zhiin (or as her friends know her, Liani ) may be many things, but engineer, HCO, and tribble whisperer are not among them. Instead, this science officer of the USS Apollo-A previously served as a medical officer aboard the USS Atlantis, working with fellow Andorian Dr. Shar'Wyn Foster. Proud of her accomplishment of having become a Starfleet officer, Liani's personal goal is to help save her subset of the Andorian species from extinction.

Always dressed with footwear of impeccable taste, Liani loves being around people and enjoys social games of chance and learning new musical styles and instruments in addition to her scientific and medical interests. She also enjoys cooking and experimenting with mixing different cultural culinary traditions (for science!). All in all, she's quite the motivated officer. Heaven help us if she gets her hands on the controls of that Defiant class she covets.

Featured Nominee: Udas

KaelThomas.jpg Kael Thomas
February 2015

Kael Thomas’s professional career spans back twelve years, when he graduated from Starfleet’s advanced engineering division in 238010.12. He was first posted as an engineer on the USS Victory and also served as Acting Chief Engineer and Security Officer. Over the course of his Starfleet career, he has served on eight different vessels and one space station, holding five different titles.

Kael has a wide range of experience, which entailed holding the positions of Chief of Operations, Security Officer, Engineer, Chief Engineer, and First Officer. When not on duty, he often spends time in the holodeck or in the gym to stay physically active. In addition to past times such as white water rafting, the engineer also enjoys playing the piano.

Featured Nominee: Tyler Kelly

Capt Raj Blueheart1.png Raj Blueheart
January 2015

Born in Malaysia, Earth, Raj Blueheart was a voracious reader from a young age, and he dived into his studies during his childhood on Earth and later Luna, in part to escape the bullying of his fellow classmates. He attended medical school and worked as a physician with the Earth government as well as participated in various volunteer missions to refugee colonies and war-torn areas before entering Starfleet in 2382.

Since his graduation from the Academy in 2386, Raj served first as a doctor before then taking on the role of counselor and executive officer, all while aboard the USS Discovery-B and her successor the USS Discovery-C. After his commanding officer Captain Tyr Waltas retired in 2391, Raj assumed command of the Discovery briefly before being assigned as commanding officer of the USS Atlantis. A man of eclectic tastes, the Atlantis's captain enjoys everything from Klingon opera to 1980s Earth pop-rock and "big hair" bands.

Featured Nominee: Rendal Rennyn

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