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Featured Bio Contest

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USS Veritas
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The Featured Bio Contest Rules dictate how the contest is run.


UFOP: Starbase 118 is comprised of over one hundred members serving on eight starships and stations, not including additional personnel on LOAs. The time and care our members put into their characters is often reflected in the SB118 Wiki articles they maintain for their characters.

Specific aims of the Featured Bio Contest are as follows:

  1. Showcase the effort our members put into their characters’ articles on the SB118 Wiki.
  2. Use the featured monthly articles to encourage other members to expand their own characters’ articles on the SB118 Wiki.
  3. Work with the Newsies, Reporter, and Publicity teams to use featured articles as a possible way to inspire prospective members to join SB118.
  4. Use featured articles as a learning resource for those wanting to understand how to create and edit articles on SB118 proficiently.
  5. Ensure that members who wish for their articles to be featured yet do not meet the criteria for featured status are given proper suggestions on how to improve their articles.

Section I: Composition of the Featured Bio Contest Team

  1. The Featured Bio Contest Team shall be comprised of ideally no less than three (3) members, with one member serving as the team leader.
  2. If the team has an even number of members, the team leader shall cast the deciding vote in the event that a tie should arise during voting.
  3. A team member must be an active member of SB118 in good standing.
  4. The team leader must hold the rank of lieutenant junior grade.
  5. If the team is comprised of two or fewer members, the team leader shall endeavor to actively recruit additional members to the team to meet the ideal goal of at least three members.
  6. Team members must ensure that their own primary characters’ articles meet the judging criteria for featured articles outlined in Section III.
  7. Team members must be willing to take an active role in not only judging other articles to be featured but also helping other members with constructive feedback on how to improve their articles.
  8. Team members should be reasonably proficient with using and editing the wiki such that they could assist other members who have questions about it.
  9. Team members must be willing to forego their own characters' articles from being chosen as Featured Nominees or Featured Bios. It will instead be listed as a Featured Bio Contest Team Member (Sapphire) article.

Section II: Submission of Articles for Consideration

  1. Articles to be featured will be selected in one of two ways:
    1. Members may nominate articles, either their own or that of another member, for consideration.
    2. If necessary, the Featured Bio Contest team will review rosters and select an article themselves to be included as a nominee in any given round.
  2. Articles nominated by members that meet the judging criteria will be featured before articles chosen by the Featured Bio Contest team.
  3. Once an article from a ship/station is selected as the Featured Bio of StarBase 118, no additional articles from that ship/station shall be selected for Featured Bio for the next selection cycle, although articles from that ship/station would still be eligible to be chosen as a Star Pick.
  4. Judging criteria for featured articles will be made public for the benefit of those wishing to ensure their submissions meet the criteria as best they feel possible.

Section III: Judging Criteria for Featured Articles

Section IV: Selection Process for Featured Article

  1. There are three levels of recognition awarded by the Featured Bio Contest:
    1. Featured Bio of StarBase118 (Eligible to wear Gold Badge)
    2. Star Pick
    3. Featured Bio Contest Team Member (Eligible to wear Sapphire badge)
  2. Nominations for featured articles are due at the first of the month.
  3. If no nominations are received by the due date, the project team will begin surveying ship/station rosters to select appropriate articles.
  4. The project team will hold a confidential vote within the third week of the month to select the Featured Bio for the next month.
  5. Communication among project team members will be handled on a closed Google group to ensure that communication can be reviewed by the Captains Council or Executive Council.
  6. The vote for Featured Bio of the month is final.

Section V: Featured Bio Publicity

  1. Once a Featured Bio has been selected, the Featured Bio Contest team will notify the following teams within the fourth week of the month to coordinate publicity regarding the selected article:
    1. Newsies Team
    2. Newsletter Team
    3. Reporter Team
    4. Publicity Team
  2. The news of the Featured Bio will not be published until the first of the next month (the due date for the next selection cycle).
  3. The author will not be informed of the article’s selection until the first of the next month.
  4. Upon announcement of the Featured Bio, the winning bio may display Featured Bio of StarBase 118 (gold) badge.
  5. The main page of the SB118 Wiki will also include a link to the Featured Bio.
  6. All featured articles will be listed under a Featured Bio category as well as on the Featured Bio Contest wiki page.

Section VI: Remaining Featured Nominees

  1. The remaining Featured Nominees will also be listed on the Featured Bio Contest wiki page and in a separate Featured Nominees category.
  2. Authors whose articles were approved for Featured Nominee status but not selected to be the Featured Bio of the month will be notified.
  3. While Featured Nominees have been determined to meet the minimum selection criteria, that does not mean they cannot be improved.
  4. Authors will be encouraged to continue updating their articles as needed and expanding them where they see fit.
  5. Authors may also ask the project team for feedback on ways to improve their articles, although such feedback will not be given unless requested.
  6. Featured Nominees that were not selected to become the Featured Bio must be resubmitted for consideration for any future selection cycles.