Featured Bio Contest

The Featured Bio Contest was a contest that ran from 2012 to 2017, highlighting excellent character wiki bios. It was an opportunity to recognize our existing members as well as to inspire prospective members to examine our group and join in on the fun. Furthermore, the contest endeavored to encourage current members to explore the SB118 Wiki and learn more about their fellow members and the adventures others have been having across the fleet.

Featured Bio Contest

This Month's Winner

USS Veritas
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Each month, the Featured Bio Contest Team reviews nominated character biographical wiki articles and uses the judging criteria to judge nominees. At the end of the month, one winning article will be selected from the nominees to become the Featured Bio of StarBase 118 on both the SB118 Wiki main page and through the Newsies, Reporter, and Publicity Teams. Featured Bio winners are granted use of special badges that they can then add to their bios. Additionally, a runner up will be chosen as the Featured Nominee for the month and receive an honourable mention on the forum and news as well as a corresponding badge that can be placed on the page.

Featured Articles and Badges

The Featured Bio Contest recognizes three types of featured articles: Featured Bios, Featured Nominees, and Featured Bio Contest Team Members.

Featured Bio of StarBase 118
Badge 1.png
Featured Bio of StarBase 118 (Gold)

A nominee that has been selected by the Featured Bio Contest Team to become the Featured Bio of SB118 for one month.

Featured Bio Nominee
Badge 1.png
Featured Nominee (Silver)

The second place nominee in the final vote count by the Featured Bio Contest Team.

Featured Bio Team Member
Badge 1.png
Featured Bio Contest Team Member (Sapphire)

A biographical article for a character whose writer is a member of the Featured Bio Contest Team and has participated in three rounds of the competition.

Featured Articles may display special badges designating their status. Display of the badges is at the discretion of the individual author, although examples of badge placement are available in the Featured Bio Contest Tutorials.

Rules and Judging Criteria

How to Nominate an Article

See someone's bio on the wiki that you think deserves to be featured on the main page and through our publicity and news teams? Then simply reply to the current month's nominations thread with a link to the article in the Featured Bio Contest forum!

Articles are judged using the judging criteria for the contest. Before you nominate an article, please ensure that it meets the following simple rules:

  1. Nominated articles must be of a player character played by a current and active member.
  2. Nominated articles must be either a primary or secondary player character. PNPCs are ineligible.
  3. All information in the article must be current as of the submission date.

List of Featured Articles

  Roshanara Rahman
September 2017

Born on Moselina IV, a busy trade stop located near Krios Prime, the Kriosian homeworld, Roshanara's birth parents gave her up for adoption, and a human couple took her in, named her, and raised her back on Earth in the city of Lahore. Often mistaken for a Trill due to her Kriosian spots, she joined Starfleet because of her interest in starship design and engineering, an interest that has not come without a cost as she was gravely injured early in her career from a major accident that required lengthy rehabilitation.

She is a project manager for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and a Starfleet Academy instructor. She previously served as an engineer aboard the starships Shanghai, Tempest, Pioneer, Mercury, and Garuda, and was chief engineer of the latter two vessels. She served as first officer to Fleet Captain Aron Kells aboard the Garuda and USS Invicta. Captain Rahman is currently the Commanding Officer of the USS Veritas.

Featured Nominee: Irina Pavlova

  Lael Rosek
July 2017

Lael was born two minutes before her twin brother Kellan on Stardate 236610.24 to Adelynn Rosek in Cedar Springs, Michigan. She never met her father and, due to her mother's silence, knew very little about him. From a young age, Lael showed a talent for Mathematics and her curious nature led her to a passion for taking things apart to see how they worked. Though she was bullied in her younger years due to her Al-Leyan heritage, her easy-going and compassionate nature won her many friends. As she grew older, she sought more adventurous pursuits, chief among them being sailing, cliff-diving, water skiing, rock climbing, and swimming in local ponds and lakes.

She spent most of her adolescence dreaming of a career as a Starfleet Officer. Following her graduation from high school on Stardate 238505.25, she took the Entrance Exam and began her first day as a cadet on Stardate 238508.07 intending to follow the Command track. She did well academically and was excelling on the Command track until the holovideos and graphic descriptions of torture caused her nightmares and PTSD. She was forced to undergo counseling and drop out of the Command track. Her twin brother convinced her that she would do better in gold than red, and Lael began studying engineering, operations, physics and communications.

Featured Nominee: Ayiana Sevo

  Randal Shayne
May 2017

Randal Shayne was born in Chicago, Illinois on Earth, however most of his childhood was spent on Starbase 912. Both his parents, Eric and Heidi Shayne, were high ranking Starfleet officers. His mother was the station’s CMO and his father would eventually become its Commanding Officer. Both of his parents made Randal and his brother, Zak, a priority and neither child was left wanting for attention. Randal decided to follow in his parents footsteps and was accepted into Starfleet Academy at age 18 as a medical cadet.

Randal was intent on helping people the way his mother had done for her whole career. Unfortunately, the pre-med curriculum proved incomprehensible for him and he was far to squeamish around the injured and sick. After his first year he transferred to the Engineering program. During this time Randal had very few friends and focused on his studies. Randal was on track to become a decent engineer, until an instructor noted his above average reflexes and decisiveness. The instructor suggested that he would better serve a ship behind the helm. This led Randal to reluctantly enroll in the flight team. It was during this time that Randal began to make friends, felt the strong camaraderie among his fellow flight team members and came into his own as an officer. Randal was assigned to the USS Gemini right out of the academy as its helmsman and has made his career behind the helm of a variety of ships.

Featured Nominee: Oddas Aria

March 2017

Aitas was born on Betazed. Her mother, Jissela Igre, was a Betazoid martial arts instructor and her father, Sakon, was a Vulcan xenobiologist. Her parents met when her mother was assigned to Sakon as a guard when he was studying large predatory animals in Betazed’s jungles. Aitas’ childhood was split between time on Betazed with her mother and going with her father on his research expeditions. Her happy childhood came to a quick and abrupt end as the Dominion War approached Betazed. Her mother was killed during the initial attack on Betazed. her father took her and fled Federation space, but were captured by slavers. The slavers separated Aitas from her father and never saw him again.

Aitas was rescued by a travelling El-Aurian author named Jakarn who bought her from the slavers. He brings her back to Federation space and arranges for her to be taken in by her maternal grandparents on Betazed. At age 19, Aitas decides to join Jakam on his travels and assist him. He taught her about diplomacy, espionage and encouraged her curiosity about Starfleet. At 23, Aitas enrolled in Starfleet Academy as an Intelligence major.

Featured Nominee: Jocelyn Marshall

  Jalana Rajel
January 2017

Jalana Laxyn was born in the city of Mak'ala on Trill. Jalana's father was an Ambassador who always wanted Jalana to follow in his footsteps. Her mother, Caline, was a botanist who seemed more intent on letting Jalana choose her own path. Jalana didn't attend formal education institutions as a child, but was instead taught by her father. However, much to the disappointment of her father Jalana enrolled in a Trill Medical School to become a doctor.

After studying at med school Jalana knew she wanted to do more and enrolled in Starfleet Academy. She would eventually be contacted by the Trill Symbiosis Commission and joined with the Rajel Symbiont.

Featured Nominee: Aitas

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Featured Bio Team Members

Joining the Featured Bio Contest Team

Team members who have actively participated in three rounds of the competition are authorized to display the Featured Bio Contest Team Member badge on their characters' pages.

Interested in becoming a member of the Featured Bio Contest Team? We'd love to have you! Send a private message on the forums to the team facilitator.

Please note, if you wish to join the team you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be an active member of SB118 in good standing.
  2. You must be willing to take an active role in not only judging other articles to be featured but also helping other members with constructive feedback on how to improve their articles.
  3. You should be reasonably proficient with using and editing the wiki such that you could assist other members who have questions about it.
  4. You must be willing to forego your own character's article from being chosen as a featured article. It will instead be listed as a Featured Bio Contest Team Member (Sapphire) article.

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