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USS Achilles

Jacen Fanel

DS9style-lt gold.png

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Ship:
  • Position:
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: Dec 12 2356
  • Birthplace: Atlantis - Planet Gaia
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 200
  • Eye color: Dark Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Skin:
  • Build: Average
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
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  • Full Name: Jacen Slanzar de Fanel
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Terran
  • Place of Birth: Atlantis, Planet Gaia, Gaian System
  • DOB: Dec 12 2356
  • Gender: Male
  • Languages other than human: Klingon, Romulan/Vulcan, and Cardassian


  • Height: 6'0"
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Blue


  • Spouse: Himeyu Ayame
  • Children: Vaan Fanel (deceased), Kimiko Linwë Fanel, Leon, and Vergil
  • Parents
    • Father: Zeon Deikun Fanel II
    • Mother: Leornica De la Vega Noventa Fanel
  • Siblings: Casval (elder brother), Artesia - deceased (elder sister), Dante - deceased (twin brother), David (younger brother), Akira (younger sister)
  • Relatives: Adrian (Cousin), Corvin (Cousin), Alexander (Cousin...so far revealed. There are many)


The same ideals as his family. He was raised with the thought and grounded on the fact that God is the universe, there are things that are beyond our understanding and shouldn't be understood, not meant to be labeled. Equality is something within all species between sentient species. Honor, live by the sword and die by it. The pure ideals Jacen live by like many of his family sometimes would be a great weakness. The pure ideals that they are something beyond the current conception of law and fall back onto natural justice would even justify vendetta. These ideals would conflict with Jacen's duties as a Starfleet officer which of the Federation's laws, rules, and regulation and would ultimately clash against the pure ideals of Jacen's House, which is to live by the sword, vendetta by right, natural justice, and justice that doesn't nessessarily mean by the law.

Honorable. Incredibly loyal to a fault. To both his family, and to what his duties are to Starfleet. Conflicted ideals. Perhaps Hero complex. Contradictions with personal beliefs and his sworn duties.


Right before Jacen entered Starfleet academy, he was put into an arranged marriage with a childhood friend he hadn't seen for years, Himeyu Ayame. There was no doubt that she was a beautiful, intelligence woman, but Jacen didn't have a choice in the matter. If it wasn't an arranged marriage, he sometimes questions if he would have married her. Nevertheless, he is completely devoted to his wife, love her passionately and does his duties to her.

On the other hand, the engagement to his wife had lasted for a few years into his academy days and all the way into his first assignment on the Victory. He had forgetting all about it until Himeyu had visited him. At the time and still even today, Jacen had harbored a desired for Cura, his mentor who helped him adjust to life in Starfleet. At first, it he wanted it to be a different kind of love, a pure love beyond desire, but it turned out to be harder to maintain that kind of love. He eventually felt this great attraction to her even as she rises to a Captain rank. She was aware of his feelings, and even he would not break his vows with his wife to cross a line that shouldn't meant to be cross. The two had talked about it and it was the end of that. Jacen had swear he can no longer let his feelings run wild. He said he loved his wife, but he never actually fell in love with her, but will be loyal because that was the path he decided for himself.

Personality and Personal History

If someone were to describe him I believe they would call him loyal. He always stay true to whatever path he takes and is willing to go through all the hardships that lay before him. He always had chosen that hard road of life because half the time it is not the choosing of the path but the acceptance of it. He wanted to make a difference, but was always left out. He tries hard and when he finally achieve one goal he has a million more to do. So he lives on from day to day, living the way he wants to be.

He comes from a long line of military men and women all the way back to ancient times of swordsman throughout the world from knights of England to the Samurai of Japan, carrying the family sword to prove his true loyalty is to his family and their code of honor.

He hides his problems under a thick coat of pride, achievement, and self righteousness. Everything he does, from the moment he wakes up he lives for the perfection. That is the discipline taught unto him as with all members of his family. Clear cut devotion and loyalty to the House, and the will and determination in any purpose.

Jacen is sometimes too determined. He can be ill-tempered when he hears something he doesn't like. Half the time, he tries to impose his belief on others and then rushes off to try to prove something. In this regard, he had imposed a self exile from his family. He wanted to be away from the traditions of his House. In his entire life, he has only been to his homeworld twice so far. In his noble personality, he fails to see some common sense or seeks to understand others if they do something that violates his own principles. Another one of his problems would be at times, lack of response to authority like officers that outrank him. He would repeatedly speak frankly to them as equals. As an officer, he has a natural respect that comes with the position, but most of the time, he feels the need to let others, especially those higher positions from him to earn his actual respect. Competent is one thing compared to respectability. He will obey a direct order from above, but he doesn't have to like who gives the order. Though he also has a dislike for disloyalty even if it for the "right" reasons. He can agree to some smuggling operations, but take them down if they are doing it to help criminals or transporting something deadly. There are many things, Jacen would consider a problem, though some things he would allow as a necessary evil on the universe. He like most his House believes that without evil in the universe, how can good be defined?

His immediate family comprises of his father, Zeon and his mother, Leronica. He also has a number of siblings including 3 brothers, Casval, a twin Dante, and younger brother, David. Also 2 sisters, Artesia and a younger one, Akira. He rarely sees any of them except for social events that calls him an his family back to the homeworld. It is Fanel policy to encourage the young when the time comes, for them to reach out into space, explore, enrich and bring back those enrichment to add to their collective. This also leads to many of the Fanels advances in technology.

Jacen had an arranged marriage to a childhood friend that had been long held off. It was easier for him to accept it because he was marrying someone he knows. The love would grow after the marriage even more. Many of Jacen's family wed through arrange marriages, most of them good matches with pairs accepting one another well without any problems later. One can challenge the arrange marriage if they have someone else they are willing for fight for, but since Jacen never had an outside love to develop that he would refuse his arrange marriage, nothing ever happened. Jacen accepted the marriage and loves his wife, Himeyu.

Jacen fancies weapons and inventions of more practical devices to be used while he is in service. Though this is no surprise when one sees how his noble warrior family origin can be the cause of that. Some would say his personality is the kind that would only be described as simply a romantic.

In weapons, he's developed quite a few in his career. His prized invention is called a Force Lance. The Force Lance generally looks like a harmless metal rod approximately 1/3 of a meter in length which fires energy shots, but can extended to almost 2 meters and be used as melee weapon. The interesting thing about this is that it isn't clear whether the technology behind this energy weapon is Phaser based or Disruptor based. When fired, it shoots out pulses of blue colored energy at its targets. Because it's a straight weapon to hold, aiming is assumed to also be automatic to where ever the user points it.

A recent feature is Jacen can designed the Lance to only work for those with a certain DNA, like his or any other officers and the computer in the Lance will key in who used it last. If someone whose DNA isn't keyed into the lance, that person will be electrically shocked when trying to use it, most likely against the original user. It can also be used as a taser. The ends of the Lance can be charged with energy and all you have to do is stab. Jacen has apparently several of these in store, reportedly gave one to Tash Zubowskivich

New features recently installed gives the F-Lances a grappling hook function, placed in as a stationary position to be set on auto fire, & finally it can be used as an energy grenade by setting it to over-load. Also it can turn into a flashlight. Jacen's newest features recently has given it the ability to extend sharp double edge blades and use it like a knife. Recently he has redesigned his lance to allow the ability to extend a complete sword blade.

Jacen has a katana, specialized and custom to his liking. Supposively it's a blade that vibrates at a high frequency, making it cut a lot better. Despite having this weapon, Jacen is training in several forms of swordsmanship from fencing and other styles along with his multiple martial arts training from many forms his family possessed.

His first posting on the Victory, like any first postings was a bit shaky. He had trouble adapting to the way things are and sometimes wander from his duties. Later on, he would become an invaluable member of the crew thanks to the guidance of Cura Assanti.

When the Victory was damaged beyond repair, he was reassigned to Starbase 118, where he served under the then Captain Rocar. The station was different from a ship, but his short time there was well spent, honing his skills and learning how to be a good tactical officer.

When Cura Assanti was in line to be promoted to captain, Jacen was assigned to her again on a few small ships leading up to being assigned to the Indria-A. After a mission to his homeworld, Jacen was then placed as the Chief Tactical Officer, then later Second Officer and currently First Officer of the Constitution-B. Standing for his own beliefs, he has an uncanny arrogance that hasn't gone unnoticed by the crew. He wants to be everywhere and be the problem solver even though he seem ill prepared. His new position as First Officer gave him a chance to reevaluate himself and assess his goals. With Cura Assanti out of action, Jacen's mentor and someone he apparently desired, he seemed a bit lost. Nevertheless, he kept on going.

After Cura was removed from command of the Constitution, command was assigned to Sam Perkins. From here on, Jacen had stepped down from being First Officer and remained Second Officer while taking command of the Marine detachment on board.

After the death of Captain Perkins, Jacen and the majority of the crew were transferred to the USS Ronin and is now the CO of the Marine detachment there.

After several intense missions, including one where he lead the Ronin's fighter squadron to destroy an Orion shipyard, he was transferred to the USS Mercury, where the fighter wing was reduced down to his personal craft and his Marine detachment was also reduced because of the ship class.

Jacen is always constantly contemplating leaving Starfleet and going home. The ongoing civil war against his brother has not been going well and he wonders would he better serve his family be returning.

After searching for his brother for many months, he went AWOL during a mission to hunt his brother. Once he found the man, he killed him against the orders of his House. As punishment, his brother, the crowned prince exiled Jacen until the Duke has decided what to do with him. Despite the punishment, many people saluted Jacen's effort but because Jacen is a member of the royal family, vengeance is against their code.

As a result of going AWOL, he was promptly demoted and dismissed from the USS Mercury.

Jacen's Personal Armory

Jacen's personal type 2 phaser he takes with him on missions.
Jacen's sword, forged in the old style of blacksmithing

House Fanel

For more info, see House Fanel.

-House Fanel, the name Fanel, and the planet Gaia is loosely based on the Japanese Anime Escaflowne

Gaia - Jacen's homeworld

See also Gaia.

Professional History

Education: Early education unknown. Studied on Vulcan for one year at 15 learning the Vulcan martial arts and the Klingon home world of Qo'noS for one year at age 16 studying the way of the Bat'leth and Klingon martial arts.

At age 18. Enlistment in the Federation Marines, scout sniper, Force Recon. Starship pilot certified.

Recruitment and assignment to Federation Special Operation Forces, the Military Assault Command Operations (MACO). Stationed at Deep Space 9.

Former rank in military prior to Starfleet: Sergeant

Call sign: Seraph

Number of participated operations and Operation status: Classified by Federation Joint Special Operations Task force

Awards: Decorated for gallantry.

Metal of Honor
Purple Heart
Starfleet's Barclay Bead
Nebula Bar
3 Year Service Ribbon
Borg Service Medal
Bajoran Campaign Ribbon

Attended Starfleet Academy

Starfleet assignments:

First assignment: Intrepid Class Starship USS Victory

Last Duty Post: Chief Tactical Officer, and Chief of Security.

Promotion: Lieutenant

When the Victory suffered serious damage, it was decommissioned for extensive repairs.

Starbase 118

Last Duty Post: Chief Tactical officer


Promotion: Lieutenant Commander

Last Duty Post: Chief Tactical officer

USS Constitution-B

Last Duty Post(s): Second Officer, Commander of the Marines

USS Ronin

Change of Rank to Major

Last Duty Post: Commander of the Marines

Current ship: USS Mercury

Change of Rank to Lieutenant Commander

Current Duty Post: Mission Specialist

Demotion: Lieutenant