Family Troubles (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Important Characters

Plot Summary

Part 1

The day after the wedding of Toni Turner to Tyr Waltas, Admiral Turner abruptly called a select few of the Embassy's crew to join her and her new stepson Tye Waltas on the Thunder's bridge. Without explanation she ordered the Thunder to depart Duronis II for the Briar Patch and Ba'ku. Unbeknown to the crew Tye was actually Sanuye, his twin brother who held a great deal of ill will toward his father and Ba'ku. Sanuye, half-Vulcan, was using touch telepathy to impose his will on Admiral Turner and force her to do his bidding.

As the USS Thunder departed the embassy, Captain Tyr Waltas assumed command his old ship the USS Discovery-C and with what remained of the senior staff, set off in pursuit of his fugitive son and his new wife. While faster and better armed than the Thunder, the Discovery was less maneuverable, making a confrontation far from simple. Simple or otherwise, Tyr Waltas and the Discovery had to stop them, because Sanuye Waltas’ mission was nothing less than the complete destruction of the planet Ba’ku.

The two ships engaged outside the sandbar, but only did minor damage to each other. The Thunder got a head start and engaged the QSSD toward Ba'Ku. The ships met again just outside of the Briar Patch. This time the engagement was more decisive, with a brilliant feat of engineering effectively taking the Thunder out of the fight, three teams from Discovery boarded the Thunder with the hope of subduing the renegade Sanuye while preventing any further loss of life.

They arrived to discover that the Thunder's First Officer, LtCmdr Jorey had hit Sanuye with a phaser and was now holding the Admiral in his arms as she struggled to keep from losing her mind. Captain Waltas transported himself and his new wife to the Discovery's sickbay. The rest of the away team went after Sanuye. They met up with him in the Thunder's cargo bay where Tye and Sanuye had met face to face. Unsure of which twin was the target, Major Irina Pavlova took the 'ask questions later' route.

“No, it ends now”, she said as she shot and incapacitated both men. “Now we sort them out.” - Major Irina Pavlova

Captains Waltas and Frazier, with First Officer Jorey have suspended Admiral Turner's command codes until she is recovered and no longer under the influence of Sanuye. Lt Commanders T'Lea and Oddas devise a plan to use the Discovery's slipstream to get both ships home. After, they get back home to Til'ahn the Discovery leaves and the Embassy Crew take some much needed rest and shore leave.