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Ilakai Juanita Blake, is the 8 year old daughter of Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake, born on stardate 238905.17 aboard the USS Thunder. Her birth name, "Ilakai", is often mis-translated due to ilakai being a common Brekkian noun meaning faith or belief - as such, she's referred to by non-Brekkians as "Faith".

She is the older half-sister to Ayden Blake, and was step-daughter to Sabor. Faith is of Brekkian and Betazoid heritage. Remaining records regarding Faith list Hannibal Parker and Hannah Martinez as her godparents. When Sky receives notice of their relation to the Eleventh House of Betazed in 2395, she asks them for assistance with Faith's relocation to Federation space, of which the Vataix family eagerly accepts. Up until this point, questions regarding Faith's parentage had remained unanswered - Astras Teitut, the speaker for the House, reveals to Sky that Faith's father was that of Aagan Eislas.

After having resided with her grandmother Lila Cole for the better part of two years, she and her brother were relocated by Sky to Bintac, Ornara, where she was placed in the permanent care of Sabor's siblings, Syb and Veusa, in late 2393. Ayden would be relocated again the USS Veritas, but Faith is forced to remain on Ornara when government officials on Brekka refuse to allow her to permanently leave the Delos system to live in Federation space - in turn, Federation Immigration services choose not to pursue the problem, in hopes to avoid tension with Delos IV.