Eye of the Sun (Ronin)

Stardate 238312.19

  • Commanding Officer:
  • First Officer:
  • Second Officer:
  • Location: Lamemda, Ithassa Region
  • Officer Reporting:
  • Mission De-Brief:

The USS Ronin, now under the command of Idril Mar has been chartered to the Lememda System in the Ithassa Sector. The Federation has been contacted by a diplomatic representative of the One Kingdom to in a matter of some urgency to them as well as us. The Constellationites have been interested in some Grendellai activity that has taken place in that region.

The Ronin are to investigate the Grendellai activity and find out what the artifact known only as the 'Eye of the Sun' is. Considered very valuable, the USS Ronin is to take caution when approaching the sector and the Grendellai.

In addition to the new command, there has been significant change to the crew roster and the ship has been reactivated into the fleet. During this mission, Crewman Ferrago, Juke was killed.