Executive Officer's Office (Tiger)

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The Office of the Executive Officer aboard USS Tiger is situated on Deck 2, directly below the Main Bridge. It sits opposite the Captains Ready Room, with which it shares a bathroom. Access to both offices is via a stairway from the Main Bridge.

The Main Bridge includes an opening on either side of the main viewscreen, both leading to the stairway. These meet on a landing behind the middle of the viewscreen, with several steps down towards the aft of the ship from this point leading to the two office doors. The XO's Office is the left door.

The room is dominated by a large wooden desk at one end, it's surface usually covered in PADDs and other paperwork, in the organised chaos that Jhen Thelev is used to.

The wall opposite the desk is taken up with a large holographic view of an Andorian glacier.

Behind the XOs desk sits a smaller table. Here rests one of Jhen's most prized posessions, a perfect replica of the USS Ronin made for him by his friend Jack Kolk. An inbuilt antigrav engine keeps the little ship hovering and a button concealed in the bridge module causes it to light up accompanied by the voice of Captain Idril Mar.

Beneath the model lies a wooden box filled with teas from across the galaxy (apart from Vulcan spiced tea), a parting gift from Sarion. Their strong aroma gives the small room an unusual and exotic scent.