Executive Council

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The Executive Council is the higher of the two staff bodies which has been sanctioned by the UFOP Constitution to run the day-to-day operations of the community.


Generally, the EC is tasked with OOC issues. The list of reserved powers for the EC is as follows:

  • Commissioning a new starship installation or base;
  • Decommissioning a starship installation or base;
  • Bestowing upon a captain any flag rank or upon a flag officer a higher rank and bestowing upon a full commander the rank of captain;
  • Administrating the discipline of captains;
  • Administrating the discipline of flag officers;
  • Serving as the appeals body for discipline of commanders and junior officers;
  • Enacting or altering by-laws, rules or regulations;
  • Creation and appointment of committee membership and committee chairpeople to address the needs of the UFOP as those needs arise and decommissioning said committees when appropriate;
  • The appointment of a new EC member when an EC member retires, places himself on administrative leave or is expelled;
  • Creation, alteration or amendment of the requirements for promotion to the rank of Captain and above;
  • Creation or alteration of awards applicable exclusively to flag officers only;
  • Majority Veto of any action undertaken by the CC (4 of 5 or 3 of 4 required).


The EC is intended to be composed of five members, all of which should be flag officers (admirals, fleet captains, commodores) or captains with at least one full year of service at that rank. However, due to the current, low ship count, there are three full EC members and the Captain At Large member. The Captain At Large, appointed from the Captains Council, can discuss as part of the council but may not vote unless the council operates at four full members, and needs a tie-breaker.

Current Members

  • Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf
  • Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh
  • Fleet Captain T'Pen
  • Fleet Captain Idril Mar
  • Captain Sidney Riley
  • Captain Tyr Waltas - Captain at Large