Excalibur Mission Profile In The Line Of Fire

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Mission Summary

It is up to the Excalibur to deal with the unknowns of the anomaly in the Afehirr sector while making some kind of attempt to save the people of Mercadia III.


  • USS Excalibur A - Relaunched to deal with the threat of one of the many anomalies, this one in the ship's old stomping grounds - the Afehirr sector.



  • Mercadia III - Planet (like Earth) that is home to a mostly peaceful pre-warp civilization just getting into their own space program. Known as Le'wei to the locals, this planet is in the path of another energy burst emanating from the anomaly in question. Many Mercadians are known to attend the launches of the newest rockets, often stargazing and enjoying the clear night air as well, usually with their families or friends.

Pertinent Information

  • Part of the Fleetwide Plot Arc - The Prometheus Incident

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