Excalibur Deck Layout/Excalibur Security and Armory

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The Security Complex is split into two areas. The forward section contains the Security Chief's Office, training holodeck, primary Security Armory, Security Department Locker Room, and two sets of three single occupancy cells for detainment of sensitive prisoners or those with a high risk of flight. The aft section contains a further ten cells and is used as the primary brig, a muster room for hazard teams and forward deployed Marine teams under the command of the Chief of Security, and the Ships Armory.

The Vesta Class starship aft brigs are restricted access areas that can only be accessed by Security Personnel. Each cell is double occupancy with Level 10 forcefield emitters built into each doorway.

The Main Armory is accessible via a guard station that is always manned. Access is restricted to only those with Alpha 3 clearance or higher. This room contains a maintenance area and multiple sealed weapons lockers. The Vesta Class carries enough phasers to arm the entire crew.

Forward Security Complex
Excalibur Forward Security Complex.png