Excalibur Afehirr Mystery Phenomenon

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Afehirr Sector
Known Governments and Powers
Local Species
Stellar Phenomenae
Federation Presence

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A violent spatial phenomenon is growing close to Erscyne Station. The Trade Alliance scientists can't figure out what's going on, and their ships don't have the capability to study the event effectively because of the massive power fluctuations and hallucinogenic effects the phenomenon seems to be having. Results of the phenomenon are starting to wear on the population of all of the planets involved in the trade alliance; ships have been lost with entire shipments, without a trace, almost as if their own defensive tech was being used against them, electronic disruptions are preventing solid communications, and those who live and work on the station are all but trapped after the last wave of evacuation shuttles simply pops out of existence.

As the Excalibur races through space, slipstream drive engaged, it is this phenomenon that drags them out of the slipstream and suddenly creates chaos aboard. Similar to the Alliance station and ships/planets in the nearby area, the ship experiences power fluctuations to the extreme and strange, sometimes personal, occurrences that no one can explain.

Eventually, the phenomenon begins tearing the fabric of space-time apart, threatening the station and all nearby systems. To seal the rupture, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti flies into the anomaly to release a large amount of energy in a predetermined point. The rift collapsed into a brightly colored 'scar' stretching across this area of space. It is now known as Kali's Scar.