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On Miri IV, on the largest continent of Atlantium, is the Terran colony of approximately 60,000 colonists. It is centered around the city of Europa. This city is about 170 km north, up the east coast from the Miri capitol of Cru'ela. A major mountain chain seperates them. The Terran community is located on a large sheltered bay backed by grasslands and gentle rolling hills.

Europa is a city of approximately 15,000 that has spread out around half the length of the bay. The rest of the population covers an area of approximately 47 km by 33 km that stretches inland along the banks of the 3 fresh water rivers that drain into the bay.

The city itself has all the modern structures and infrastructure needed to support and promote positive growth, with a hospital, university and excellent deep water facilities.

The colony is governed by a elected council of 3 who work out of a large modern structure they call the Europa City Hall. Provisions within the colony charter allows for changes to be made to the governing system when and if needed.

Colony Council

The community is governed by 2 councilors who deal with the day to day concerns of the colony. They are Ashley Tinsdale and Mohab Novian. Ashley is a 27 year old nurse with long blonde hair, 5'9", about 130 lbs with greenish blue eyes and a bubbly personality. She is hard working, smart and driven. She is the glue that keeps the council on course. Mohab is completely different. He is usually quiet, argumentative when he does speak, crude, rude and not happy unless his hands are dirty. He is a 42 year old engineer with a dark tan complextion, brown eyes and unkempt black beard. He is bald and wears stained work clothes usually.

Deputy Minister of Justice

Edgar Brice is a 47 year old teacher. He stands about 6'1" and weights about 160 lbs. He has short sandy hair shot through with gray. His blue eyes are steady. He can be very forceful and tends to speak his mind.