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This is a summary page for the important relationships in Ethan's life.

USS Independence-A

  • Karynn Ehlanii - Karynn is currently serving as the First Officer of the USS Independence-A.
At the wedding of his good friend and adopted brother Commander Ben Walker and Doctor Ronan Adair, Ethan met the young Ensign and Counsellor Karynn Ehlanii. What first was casual flirting ended up being a few nights spent in one another's company, enjoying the fact that they weren't alone while taking in the sites of the Holodeck on the Ronin. Ethan and Karynn, Lieutenant Counsellor on the USS Ronin solidified their couple status and are openly dating one another. While sometimes it is difficult for them to get a lot of time together, they both try to set aside enough time to spend in one another’s company. As of Stardate 238610.01, Ethan and Karynn are engaged.
  • Idril Mar - Idril is currently the Commanding Officer of the USS Independence-A, but is on an extended leave of absence.
From his first deployment on the USS Independence, Idril has always been Ethan's boss in one context or another. At first, she was his Chief of Engineering then, after the ship split, they moved to the USS Ronin under the command of the newly minted Captain Idril. They've known each other long enough to know one another's quirks and mannerisms, especially when it comes to their work and the occasional game of Raquetball. They became closer friends after Idril married Danny.

USS Ronin

  • Benjamin J. Walker - Ben is currently the Commanding Officer of the USS Ronin, being hassled by his wife.
Ben was Ethan's first friend when coming out of the Academy and they have stuck together since, through thick and thin. Ethan refers to Ben as his "brother", though not related in any way and affectionately calls him the "Rommie", in a nod to Ben's upbringing on Romulus. Although separated with Ben commanding the USS Ronin, they try to maintain communication via subspace link but finding the time is always difficult.
While on his first tour of duty on the USS Independence, Ro was the Chief Medical Officer and a capital one at that. She and Ethan developed a friendship built more on drinking fine scotch and complaining about one another's ethnicities. Since Ro married Ben, Ethan has been pestering both to start the process of children so his son can grow up with Uncle Ben and Auntie Ro's kids.
  • Danny Wilde - Danny is currently serving on the USS Ronin, but on an extended leave of absence.
Being on the USS Ronin, Ethan became very close friends to Danny Wilde, culminating in many an unusual situation involving everything from sheep, beer bottles, many packs of playing cards and some strange cautions from Security. They are both avid poker players and never missed the opportunity for a game. When Danny married Idril back home on Earth, Ethan was injured when Danny's counterpart from an alternate universe turned up to cause some havoc.
  • Jackford B. Kolk - Jack is currently serving on the USS Ronin as First Officer under Commander Ben Walker.
Jack became Ethan's Assistant Chief of Engineering after he was deployed onto the USS Ronin. While the young man excelled in most things (except his personal life), Engineering was not one of them and soon he was shifted onto Flight Operations to find his wings in a Command position. However, the two maintained an understanding between them and spent more time out of working hours together with Wilde and Thelev.

Starbase 118 Ops

  • Sarah Reed - On Stardate 2386009.20 Sarah was transferred to Starbase 118 Ops to continue her Engineering career.
While serving at Utopia Planitia on Mars, Ethan was attached to Sarah while being in the propulsion division of starship construction and repair. They worked together on the USS Achilles and then were transferred as a pair to the USS Ronin on Stardate 238408.01. Since then, Sarah and Ethan developed a very close working relationship and were seen as more of a "team" then separate entities.

USS Tiger

  • Jhen Thelev - Jhen is currently serving as the First Officer on the USS Tiger.
Jhen was the only Andorian Officer that Ethan had ever encountered and for a while, he was quite taken with the young Officer. From then, they became friends for poker nights and coupled that with drinking sessions of Guinness and other black stouts.

USS Resolution

Meeting Heath was an experience for the young Engineer. He was serving on Utopia Planitia during his first assignment after his Cadet Cruise when Heath was conducting the services of the bar on base. They made close friends, both being fond of old English beer beverages and the same kind of music. During his few years at the construction yard, Ethan and Heath got into a lot of shenanigans, most of which cannot be mentioned under pain of death.


  • Rebecca Hollendale - Rebecca currently resides on Earth with Matthew and her fiancé Jack Benton.
His first intimate relationship was with Rebecca on the USS Independence. It was a whirlwind romance that didn't last very long, but left a lasting impression on both parties in the form of a child, Matthew. They are separated but get along quite well.