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This article contains info exclusive to the StarBase 118 Universe

The Esperance Fork (also colloquially known as the "Espy Fork") is an engineering tool of unknown origin, purchased by Wil Ukinix whilst on shore leave on Esperance.


The enginering tool has an appearance similar to a long fork. It is awkward to carry and considerably heavy.


The intended purpose of the tool is seemingly only understood by Engineers on the USS Veritas. However, Geoffrey Teller has mused that the fork was a "vital piece of repair equipment", a "great way to scratch an itch you can't reach in a jefferies tube", and remarked that the fork will be "standard equipment any day now".

It has also been used by engineering crew on the Veritas to wedge doors open.


After initial purchase, the Veritas' chief engineer Geoffrey Teller gave the tool to an unsuspecting Ensign Ronen Pragus as part of his first duties of the ship. Ensign Pragus seemingly never determined the true purpose of the fork.

While the origins are unknown, crewman Brosa peformed a metallurgical analysis on it, as part of a bet with crewman Chalmers that it may be of Iconian origin.