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Esperance is an allied, non-Federation world known as the "Gateway to the Federation" due to its location near the border of the Federation and the Colonial Coalition. Home to Star Station Esperance, a major commercial spaceport and trade center with a population of 18 million, Esperance itself has a population of 12 billion, many of whom are immigrants from all corners of the galaxy.


Esperance, with Star Station Esperance in view.
  • Adelaide, Esperance's largest city.[1] Named after the city Adelaide on the Australian continent on Earth, the city centre is a of a planned design surrounded by a green belt of parklands, mimicking its Earth counterpart. Several streets of both cities also share the same name. Rundle Street is the main linear entertainment district in Adelaide. It is a wide, luxuriously paved walkway that is 2.5 kilometres long, with tracks for a hover light rail system that runs down the middle of the "street". On each side of the walkway are door to door entertainment establishments, including bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. One end of Rundle street is considered to be upmarket, while the other end is known for having a "seedier" reputation.[2]
  • Kreswick, known for a River Market
  • Eagle Eye Meadows, located in a mountain range about fifty kilometers away from the base of Esperance Star Station, with a lake and spectacular views of mountains and Esperance Star Station.[3] It is also home to a distillery that produces "Eagle Eye Meadows" Whisky.[2]

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