Eshia Kilak

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USS Astraeus
EshiaKilak Icon.png
Eshia Kilak
Position Art Therapist
Rank Civilian
Species Cardassian
Gender Trans Woman
DOB 232011.11
Age 80
Birthplace Cardassia Prime
Writer ID C239907OZ1

Eshia Kilak is currently serving as a civilian art therapist aboard the USS Astraeus.


  • Height: 6'2"/188 cm
  • Hair: Dark brown, beginning to gray
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Build: Muscular


Eshia keeps her hair meticulously groomed to keep flyaway hairs slicked down, and her resting facial expression is stern, with an often-furrowed brow. She loathes the chilly temperatures and bright lights that Federation ships run by default, and tries to combat the cold by wearing thick sweaters— her favorite is Pakled-style and was gifted to her by a patient, though she aloofly only wears it in private. She can be moody and has a direct, no-nonsense attitude that often comes off as cold, but she respects those who respect her and cares deeply about her career in art therapy.

Regularly, Eshia creates intricate pieces on her pottery wheel and then smashes them so that the clay may be recycled again and again. This cycle of creation and destruction is something that she sees herself in, and something that has helped her to learn to change what she can and let go of what she cannot. It is her favorite technique to practice with her patients.

Eshia gets along poorly with people whose opinions of Cardassia are too positive or too negative, and prefers people whose opinions lie somewhere in the middle— those who condemn the wrongdoings of Cardassia but also acknowledge the beautiful culture that it has to offer. She doesn’t try to conceal her past and never lies about it, but people who probe impatiently for the information instead of waiting for her to offer it readily may find her significantly more difficult to befriend. She is a lonely person who tends to distance herself from most people, but simultaneously wishes that she had more meaningful companionships.


Eshia Kilak is a Cardassian trans woman. She was born on Cardassia Prime in 2320 and given the name Shokam Kurat.

As soon as she came of age, she became a soldier. Manipulated by her government and culture into believing and doing terrible things, she followed every order she was given and participated in the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. In 2365, she was posted at a labor camp for the first time and was tasked with the disposal of the remains of children— it was too much. She ran and never looked back.

After deserting the Cardassian military, she effectively exiled herself. She began her gender transition, took the name Eshia Kilak, and struggled to form a new identity. For years, she lived in denial of her role in the atrocities of the occupation. Eventually, she took up art as an outlet and began the hard work of accepting her past.

Kilak is a civilian art therapist, and is about middle-aged for a Cardassian. She’s become more honest about her past, and primarily works to help others to cope with the blood on their hands. She knows that the blood on her own hands will never wash clean, but she continues to make a conscious effort to better the things that she can control. She gives a cut of her income to charitable Bajoran organizations, works with patients daily, makes a modest living by selling her more palatable artwork, and brushes a bit of blue makeup into the chufa of her forehead and ridges of her neck every day.

During her previous life, Eshia was married to a Cardassian woman named Eajal. Together they had five children— Renmok, Tiaja, Rivak, and twins Seja and Koja.

Eshia and Eajal courted in the usual catty Cardassian manner, but after settling down together as a married couple, the courtship displays melted away into a secure and genuine love. Eshia truly had eyes only for Eajal, and showered her in traditionally “gentlemanly” affection at every opportunity.

As of 2401, Eshia has lived 36 years away from her family, though she has contacted them with mixed results. Her children are 52, 47, 45, and 39.


  • Eajal Kurat is Eshia’s (ex-)wife, though they never formally divorced. They married in 2345. They still love one another, but their relationship seems to be irreparably damaged. Eajal was born in 2322.
  • Renmok is Eshia and Eajal’s son. He was born in 2349, and was 16 when Eshia deserted.
  • Tiaja is Eshia and Eajal’s daughter. She was born in 2354, and was 11 when Eshia deserted.
  • Rivak is Eshia and Eajal’s son. He was born in 2356, and was 9 when Eshia deserted.
  • Seja is Eshia and Eajal’s daughter, and Koja’s twin. She was born in 2362, and was 3 when Eshia deserted.
  • Koja is Eshia and Eajal’s daughter, and Seja’s twin. She was born in 2362, and was 3 when Eshia deserted.

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