Eru Ghant

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Razor's Edge
Eru Ghant
Position Captain of the Razor's Edge
Rank General
Species Orion
Gender Female
DOB 2361
Age 40
Birthplace Orion
Writer ID E239512QC0

Eru Ghant


Eru Ghant to Randal Shayne

Captain Eru Ghant is a privateer and wanted pirate in several jurisdictions. She is captain of the Razor's Edge, a "requisitioned" Maquis raider that is fast and powerful even by modern standards. She is Orion, but her crew is diverse and formidable - a force to be reckoned with by any account. She is currently believed dead by the Federation, but in reality was rescued and healed by Tamazotz.


  • Height: 178cm (5' 10")
  • Weight: 150lbs (68 kg)
  • Build: Tall, strong, somewhat curvy
  • Hair: Bald
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Skin Tone: Green

Ghant is a simultaneously imposing and sexually alluring figure, willing to use her Orion ways to full effect to distract and disorient. Her carriage is shaped by her past, learned from the courtly dances and years as a slave girl. Her dress is not modest in the least, but can still hide deadly weapons.

Character History

Eru Ghant commands the most threatening element of pirates and privateers in the Alpha Isles from her ship Razor's Edge. She came up in Orion high society as a slave girl, and carries a cruel fury with her born of a resentment for her own past. Still, she can also use the Orion ways to her advantage just as easily, and has a knack for quickly identifying her enemy's weaknesses and exploiting them mercilessly.

When she arrived at a diplomatic conference aboard the USS Arrow during A Scouring of Stars (Arrow), she appeared initially to work towards a deal, but was secretly plotting to turn the other delegates against Captain Shayne and his crew. When her plan backfired, she was forced to take Shayne as hostage, and her actions landed her under guard in the Starfleet vessel's sickbay. However, the ship was quickly thrown into chaos as her crew boarded the ship simultaneously with launching an all-out assault in space. During the commotion, she was able to slip her captors, and might have escaped the ship too if she hadn't been stopped by Ensign Alvarez, Lieutenant (jg) Wilde, and Lieutenant Serinus. The encounter ended with Alvarez appearing to have killed Ghant, and the Razor's Edge was left adrift in space after Beriali Dau and Murkad came to the Arrow's aid.

However, Tamazotz was able to covertly recover Ghant and resuscitate her, as well as repair the Razor's Edge quite quickly.

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