Erminio Fesk

Dr. Erminio Fesk - Male Mazarite

  • Description: Fesk is a handsome elderly man with quiet features. His bicolor hair is dark brown on the top shot through with grey and pure white at the temples and around the ears. He has an unusual genetic defect in his eyes and wears small spectacles to help compensate for his vision, which gives him a distinguished appearance.
  • Personality: Inquisitive, bookish, shy. Pleasant, easygoing, soft-spoken. A scientist working for the public interest Fesk has a sweet, quiet personality. While he is happy to speak at lengths about his research he is equally happy to talk about his adorable granddaughters or his lovely rose garden.
  • Background: Escaping the criminal syndicates on his homeworld, Fesk moved to a colony world with his primary school sweetheart Darja. They married and had three children, and for a while life was idyllic until Darja contracted a fatal infection from the bite of an illegally imported Tarsus dog. Crushed, Fesk balanced raising his now teenaged children with a grown obsession with researching animal control. Once his children reached adulthood Fesk immersed himself in his studies and has since risen as one of the Federation's foremost researchers on the control of dangerous animals.