Erin Reynolds

Doctor Erin Reynolds is currently the Research Coordinator aboard the USS Gorkon. She has also served as its Chief Engineer, Chief Science Officer, and worked as a botanist on the Tyrellian Ark World, Ereina, and formerly held the post of Chief Engineer aboard the USS Triumphant, in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the Dominion War.

USS Gorkon
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Erin Reynolds
Full Name Erin Quinn Reynolds
Position Chief Engineer
Rank Lt. Commander
Species Human/Deltan
Gender Female
Date of Birth 14th February
Age Early forties
Birthplace Columbia Hills, Mars
For the prime universe character, see Quinn Reynolds.


  • Height: 1.65m (5'5'')
  • Build: Slim, boyish
  • Hair: Blonde, long and worn in an untidy ponytail
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Skin Tone: Pale, with a generous dusting of freckles.
  • Distinguishing Features: Burn scars on her right side; from the nape of her neck down across her shoulder, back, and right arm.

Background and Personality

Erin Reynolds, born Quinn Reynolds in an alternate universe, came aboard the USS Triumphant as an fresh ensign, and was subsequently promoted up to chief engineer, though that had much, much more to do with her technical skills than her people skills. She was, however, an incomparable genius when it comes to keeping the ship running, and her long service aboard afforded her an intimate knowledge of its systems, quirks and limits.

Shy, introverted and awkward, leadership did not come easily to her, and she leaned heavily on her senior enlisted to maintain order in the department. Her friends are few, but she is fiercely loyal to those counted among them.

Unwilling to engage in violence, she was often considered a coward until a few years ago, when she suffered severe injuries pulling her engineering crew out of a compartment filled with plasma fire. The engineers on the ship respect her for that, if nothing else, and on the rare occasions when she's down to her uniform tank, the twisted and puckered skin of healed burns are still visible along her right arm, shoulder, and the nape of her neck, disappearing underneath her clothes (where they continue to cover a large portion of her torso on the right side and back).

She accompanied the USS Gorkon when it returned to its home universe, having lost all hope of ever making a difference in her own. There, she chose to make a fresh start: changing her name and career in an attempt to leave the past behind.


Name Relationship Description
Jo Marshall
Erin first met Jo when the latter was a wide-eyed and green young officer, and she immediately liked the gregarious young woman. They spent a great deal of time together in engineering during the Gorkon's time in an alternate universe, working together to repair the ship, sharing what passed for meals and sometimes just talking for hours. They kept in contact after the Gorkon's return, while Erin worked on Ereina in the Tyrellian system, and as they exchanged subspace letters and conversation (and the occasional plant), she realised she was falling for Jo. Taking up a position as Chief Science Officer on the Gorkon was then a no-brainer, and there they continued growing closer until finally confessing their feelings under a borealis on Trill.

Caedan Nkai
Caedan is another she met "Over There" and she quickly took to the friendly and kind Rodulan. After a chance encounter in the Jefferies' tubes, she realised he was struggling more than he let on, the telepath maintaining a brave face while battered with the distress of the crew. From then on, she did her best to create small moments of solace where he could find a reprieve, and they've been good friends since.

Karl Brunsig
Karl is Erin's oldest (surviving) friend, serving with him for years as they battled to survive and resist the Dominion conquest of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. They both accompanied the USS Gorkon when it returned to its home galaxy and parted ways shortly thereafter. She hears from him rarely, and misses him a great deal, while quietly nursing hurt and anger over feeling abandoned by her closest friend.

Quinn Reynolds
Alternate Universe "Twin"
Erin felt awkward around Quinn from the moment she met her — a version of herself who she felt had achieved a great deal more than she had — and the feeling was mutual. Despite the efforts of some to force them into some kind of friendship, for the most part the pair have kept their distance from one another, interacting on a professional basis only. Their time in the imaginary world of Skarbek has begun to break down that barrier, with both of them possessing memories of a closer, sibling relationship.

Jita Alexa
Former Partner
Erin's first love, a Bajoran security officer aboard the alternate universe USS Triumphant. A force of nature, absolutely convinced she could do anything she wanted if she put enough effort in, and she was almost always right. Erin was in awe of her, and considered her everything she wasn't; confident, strong, funny, beautiful (though she couldn't sing, and yet sung a lot). She was mortally wounded during a Dominion assault on the Triumphant, passing away in sickbay.

Service History

In her home reality
Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign USS Triumphant (alternate) Engineer
Lieutenant (JG)
Lieutenant Chief Engineer
Civilian 239309.27 - 239503.03 Ereina Ark Project Botanist
Lt. Commander 239503.03 - 239701.02 USS Gorkon Chief Science Officer
239701.02 - 239810.17 Chief Engineer
239810.18 - Present Research Coordinator

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