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Psychological Records

Psychological analysis by Brandon Winters - STARDATE 235006.16

Having a child with a vulcan woman made me observe my son from the very beginning in a psychological way. As a proud father I watch with delight how well Eric grows both logically and emotionally. Knowing his vulcan part suppresses emotions I was curious to see how much of his human heritage would open up. Eric's first steps in school were difficult as he had to spend most of his time with human children in the area we lived at that time. As a matter of fact Eric's level was far higher than the level of the other children and being a hybrid encouraged human nature to bully him. The results were interesting as Eric withstand provocation (at least in the beginning). It took a while until he let his emotions go. It was also that moment when I was called to school, because Eric beat up a few boys badly. It was a difficult time for Eric and is, because he also has to understand that his strength goes beyond the strength of normal humans. This is a very long and hard process for him to learn because his emotional conflict grows the older he becomes. Eric graduated from the "Dublin School of Mathematics" and it was a shock for me when I once watched him. Eric did not know that he was watched and this is something I am not proud of, but I witnessed him talking with himself, which is not as terrible as I may describe it at the moment, but conspicuous about it is the fact that he appears to speak with somebody else. He shows clear signs of a developing schizophrenia. Eric decided to study classical guitar instead of continuing studies of logic and calculations. I support him eagerly against the controversial opinion of his mother. I want to observe his development even more and think that music could be a very good way for him to get along with his problems as I think he has.

Psychological analysis by Brandon Winters - STARDATE 235607.31

Eric shows an eager interest for psychology and the understanding of the mind as our conversations point mainly on to this subjects. He asks very mature and allows me to talk with him about anything concerning him or me and my wife after our divorce. Eric proofs an incredible sense for the problematic even though he is also involved in it. The more we spend time together I realize that his so called "schizophrenia" is his way of handling his hybrid processes. Eric found an interesting way to use his abilities in the most efficient way possible. He has access to a wide ranged logic as well as to a very deep emotional pool. His understanding of situations and the feelings of his involved persons is astonishing and make me proud that his interest in Psychology is growing day by day. I even recommend it as I can tell that I benefit already from his presence.