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Ensign Jennia Eren

Jennia Eren is an Engineering Lieutenant JG currently assigned to the USS Tiger.


  • Full Name: Jennia Eren
  • Race: 1/4 Terran 3/4 Betazoid
  • Age (Date of Birth): 23 {236212.12}
  • Place of Birth: Betazed
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T/E 4 - Able to sense emotions over 10 feet away, able to read minds less than 10 feet from her (normal room size). Refuses to touch people, as it can occasionally cause a telepathic unwanted bond.


  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Skin Tone: Yellow
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Build: Toned
  • Face: Asian features
  • Poses: Stands stiff when around people; jaw clenched
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Sundress
  • Shoes: Sneakers
  • Voice: Soft voice, some words can sound forced
  • Handedness: Right


  • Favorite Room: Any place to see the stars
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Wiccan
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Singing and dancing
  • Ambitions and Goals: To make her father proud
  • Achievements in Life: Graduating the Academy
  • Disappointments in Life: Not feeling wanted
  • Temperment: Cool
  • Mental problems: Deep dislike of Betazoids stemming from family
  • Physical Limitations: Poor in combat


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents: Ciran Eren (birth father) Lwoina Eren (birth mother) Karen Eren (step mother) Jutlen Rison (stepfather)
  • Siblings: Stacy Eren-Thames (stepsister)

Personal History

Born on Betazed, her father was from Terra (1/2 human, 1/2 betazoid) and her mother a native. It was one of those "fall in love at first sight" relationships, when they both worked for the same department in the Starfleet base on Betazed. She was their only child, pampered more from her father than her mother, who was more into her career after her birth.

When she was ten years old, Lowina had an affair with another of her species, leaving Ciran stating that she "needed one of her true kind to be happy". Jennia left with her father back to Terra, where she developed a deep hatred of her mother and Betazoids. The scars left on her father made sure Jennia would never hear from her birth mother again, and also keep from learning any more of her other heritage.

As Jennia grew and developed, so did her telepathic and empathic abilities. Not being a full Betazoid, she can only sense thoughts if people are near her in a ten foot vicinity (size of a normal room). Otherwise it is emotions or feelings when farther away. At sixteen, Ciran sent her to Vulcan to train in meditative techniques to control her abilities and to keep them from overwhelming her. There, she trained under S'vekn, who also became like a step father to her, training and caring for her until her return to Terra two years later.

At eighteen, Jennia put in an application for Starfleet Academy. She was accepted on her first try (rumors say it was because of S'vekn's ties there) and decided on Engineering as her major course of study. She did all she could to not take courses that dealt with psychology or counciling, as that was her birth mother's trade. She excelled at her major, though had difficulty in her combat classes, barely passing the course.

At graduation, she was suprised and angered to see Lwoina along with Jutlen, her step father, in the crowd. Later on, Ciran told her that she came without him knowing, which only deepened her hatred for her birth mother. Since then, Lwoina constantly tried to re-enter Jennia's life ...

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238603.01
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Tiger
  • Duty Post: Assistant Chief of Engineering
Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 238603.01 - 238604.26 USS Tiger Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238604.26 - Present

Awards & Commendations


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