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Lieutenant Enith Lahr, a Betazoid-Human, is currently Acting Chief Medical Officer aboard USS Darwin-A in the Delta Quadrant.


  • Full Name: Enith Lahr
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Date of Birth: 235712.09
  • Place of Birth: USS Raleigh
  • Age: 42
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic Rating: T6
  • Relationship Status: Single


  • Height: 5’7”
  • Weight: 152
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Long
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Skin Tone: Warm Brown


Enith is bookish but adventurous. As a precocious child, she experienced a broad variety of adventures in deep space. As an adult, she spent years tucked away on Earth, hiding from the excitement and danger of life in space. Now, with a renewed spirit and energy, she seeks to find new frontiers of adventure and reclaim the life that was once hers.

  • Temperament: Enith is bold in her approach to space travel, but tragic events caused her to be shy of it for many years. While she seeks to be the daring adventurer her parents raised her to be, she is sometimes cautious of danger and wary of risk.
  • Professionalism: As a doctor, Enith seeks to emulate her father’s compassion and strength in practicing the medical arts. She will not back down from a threat, and will always fight with all her ability to protect those in need.
  • Telepathy: Because of her Betazoid ancestry, Enith is able to use limited telepathy. Due to her Human ancestry, one limit to her abilities is that she cannot use telepathy from a distance. Sometimes, she is not even able to muster any abilities even at close range, but usually she is able to make telepathic contact within a range of about 10 meters. On occasion, a particularly powerful telepath has been able to reach Enith’s mind from a greater distance, but this is rare. Typically, she does not use her abilities, and does not understand the complete openness and honesty of Betazoid society, not having been raised in that environment.
  • Taste in Clothing: As a girl in the 2350s and 60s, Enith wore every variety of jumpsuit, and wishes she still could. She is always in love with the fashions of her past, and as an adult, she favors simple, functional looks. She will dress for formal occasions, but fears being seen in anything resembling the gaudy, outrageous fashions popular in Betazoid high society.
  • Quarters: Most of the treasures of her early adventures were lost along with the Raleigh. Now, Enith keeps her quarters standard issue, though comfortably appointed, not spartan.
  • Habits: As a child, Enith was sure that most of the doors in Raleigh’s corridors led to nowhere. Now, she makes a habit of popping her head in where it doesn’t belong, in an effort to see every corner of the ship, especially those places that are seldom seen.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Enith enjoys reading novels, sampling alien cuisine, and trying new sports. She avoids holodecks, having been trapped in one too many malfunctioning programs aboard Raleigh.
  • Favorite Food: Something Spicy
  • Preferred Drink: Something Cold
  • Fears: A powerful interdimensional energy being called Lok-Etai who frequently plagued the USS Raleigh in the form of a giant head or hand floating in space. Several times in Enith’s youth, he preyed on her telepathic abilities. Once he possessed her father’s body. Later, he was responsible for her mother’s death and her father’s loss of sanity. Lok-Etai appears to have been killed in a final battle that ended almost twenty years ago, but Enith knows he was thought to have been killed several times before that, and fears the day when he will return again.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Enith’s goal for many years was to evade the dangerous life of a deep space explorer. After a career at Starfleet Medical on Earth, Enith wondered if she was serving Starfleet to the best of her ability. Her goals changed with time, and she seeks to be an effective officer and a strong healer in the dangerous areas of deep space.

Personal History

Enith Lahr grew up on a starship. Like many other children of officers aboard Starfleet’s vessels of deep space exploration, Enith was constantly exposed to new adventures, dangerous excitements, and fascinating encounters. Roaming the boundaries of known space, she was often caught up in the strange phenomenon and wacky shenanigans of her parents and their crewmates.

Enith’s mother, Commander Loretta Lahr, was First Officer of USS Raleigh, as well as its subsequent rebuilds, Raleigh-A and Raleigh-B. Enith’s father, Commander Grenn Bex-Lahr, was CMO of the USS Raleigh throughout all of its adventures. A cast of regular characters rounded out Enith’s childhood neighborhood aboard Raleigh, including brave Captain Ndengo, lovably inhuman Lt. Commander Ubai, and Efraim Halston, Enith’s childhood friend and eventual love interest/junior helmsman.

During its two seven-year missions, USS Raleigh was regularly plagued by an energy-based being named Lok-Etai who appeared as a giant face, or sometimes a hand, floating in space. After the launch of USS Raleigh-B, Lok-Etai went too far in his quest for transdimensional power, causing the destruction of the ship with many hands lost, including Enith’s mother. As part of Lok-Etai’s destructive game, Enith’s full Betazoid father’s telepathic ability was altered and pushed to its extreme limit, causing insanity and hospitalization in a Federation psychiatric facility following the destruction of the ship and the death of his wife.

Her fun childhood adventures having come to a disturbing end, Enith retreated to her mother’s childhood home on Earth, a humble planetary location the starfaring girl had always romanticized, called Pennsylvania. Enith applied to the Academy as she felt she was expected to do. Every other kid she ever knew who grew up on a starship was accepted into Starfleet, and so was she. She also pursued a career in medicine, following in her father’s footsteps and continuing the training she had begun as Raleigh’s Junior Sickbay Assistant.

After earning her medical degree and graduating Starfleet Academy, Enith declined several ship assignments. The consequences to her family of their dangerous, adventurous Starfleet life were too great, and Enith was afraid to go on living that life. Instead, she requested and was granted a job on Earth, and spent more than a decade hiding in the safe halls of Starfleet Medical.

At her five year review, it was finally noticed that Enith was still an ensign and had done little to achieve anything beyond her initial appointment and her quiet, out-of-the-way life. A mentor helped change Enith’s priorities, and she was encouraged to reach for the rank of lieutenant and work towards an active duty role. She discovered that she did have a yearning for the adventurous life of her childhood and youth, after all. With support of Starfleet mentors and peers who had come to know the hardy spirit her upbringing instilled in her, Enith’s request to transfer from her desk job to active duty on a ship was quickly accepted. For Enith, a new chapter of deep space exploration has begun.

USS Raleigh Crew
Posting Name Heritage Description
Captain Captain Lal Ndengo Terran A fierce action hero who defended her crew to the death. Enith idolized her bravery and panache, then resented her for decisions that made the ship and crew suffer, and finally accepted her as a flawed but courageous leader.
First Officer Commander Loretta Lahr Terran Enith’s Mother - see Family below.
Chief Medical Officer Commander Grenn Bex-Lahr Betazoid Enith’s Father - see Family below.
Chief of Operations Lt. Commander Ubai Suliban At first awkward around the Betazoid-Human child, Ubai became a mentor to Enith, and a great supporter and friend after her mother's death.
Tactical/Security Lt. Commander Sarin Vaitosh Rigelian A strong, silent Rigellian woman with a hidden soft spot under her gruff exterior.
Counselor Lieutenant Torix Edosian A scatter-brained three-legged victim of many of Enith and Efraim’s childhood pranks. He was always kind to the children, and acted as their protector many times, despite their childish ways.
Chief Engineer Commander Montpelier York, aka Yorkie Terran A competent engineer and trustworthy officer with an unlucky love life.
Junior Helmsman Efraim Halston Alpha Centauran See Relationships below.


  • 235712.08 - 236405.18: USS Raleigh’s first 7-year mission into deep space.
    • 235712.09: Enith is born aboard USS Raleigh during its maiden voyage, as the ship struggles to survive falling through a transdimensional gravity well created by Lok-Etai.
    • 235810.12: Baby Enith is accidentally elected supreme leader by backwards-aging aliens who think she is a wise elder.
    • 236104.23: Enith’s favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Tuggy, turns out to be a hibernating alien. When he awakes, trouble ensues.
    • 236105.14: Enith develops a rare childhood disease, and the cure is 23 light years away. At the same time, Raleigh must deliver necessary medicine to a plague-ravaged world 23 light years in the opposite direction.
    • 236109.24: A stray energy field causes Enith’s dreams to turn USS Raleigh into a fairytale wonderland and its crew into mythical figures.
    • 236202.18: Ferengi capture USS Raleigh, and only Enith and Efraim are small enough to thwart their plans.
    • 236205.13: Enith is the bait in one of Lok-Etai’s games, as her parents are forced to make their way through a transdimensional labyrinth filled with puzzles and traps.
    • 236210.07: Enith and Efraim are trapped in a holodeck program with figures from throughout history. Only Abraham Lincoln and Kahless can save them!
    • 236210.28: A charming traveler with a mysterious alien flute lures all of Raleigh’s children to do his bidding in an attempt to take over the ship.
    • 236301.27: Enith must take command of Raleigh when a spatial anomaly turns the children into adults and the adults into children.
    • 236303.03: A traveling carnival in space seems like a great opportunity to show Enith and the other Raleigh children a good time. Until something goes horribly wrong.
    • 236309.29: With most of the crew involved in cutting-edge nanotech experiments, Enith and her parents enjoy a tropical holodeck vacation. Until something goes horribly wrong.
    • 236405.11: Lok-Etai returns, and this time, he’s playing for keeps.
    • 236405.18: Lok-Etai is defeated once and for all by the intrepid crew of USS Raleigh… or is he?
  • 236406.15 - 236409.13: Following Raleigh’s first 7-year mission, Enith visits Betazed on shore leave with her parents, her first extended stay on a planet. There she meets her cousin Nareen, her future frenemy.
  • 236409.14 - 237106.12: USS Raleigh’s second 7-year mission.
    • 236409.28: Enith and Efraim’s video game merges with Raleigh’s main computer, forcing the crew to play a dangerous game with no extra lives.
    • 236504.25: Lok-Etai resurfaces, using Enith’s budding telepathy to reenter Raleigh’s dimensional plane.
    • 236512.05: Enith’s birthday party is attended by some very special guests -- miniature lifeforms that aren’t the toys she thought they were.
    • 236602.27: Enith befriends an alien princess who must fulfill a prophecy by marrying a prince from a far-away world.
    • 236604.03: Lt. Commander Ubai learns more about humanity through his friendship with a special little girl.
    • 236712.03: At ten years old, Enith’s parents let her record her first personal log. Far in the future, alien scientists try to reconstruct Raleigh’s fate based on Enith’s recording.
    • 236801.28: Enith and Efraim touch an artifact in an alien museum, transporting them to an ancient time and place.
    • 236805.13: As Enith begins her first day as Junior Sickbay Assistant, Lok-Etai returns to possess a member of the crew -- this time, the Chief Medical Officer, Enith’s father.
    • 236810.26: Disaster strikes Raleigh, and unusual teams are formed. Enith must help Vaitosh restore power to the shields, while Efraim bonds with Enith’s mother in a turbolift.
    • 236903.23: Enith’s new pet tribble causes trouble for some visiting Klingons, and eventually the entire Raleigh crew.
    • 236911.09: A medical crisis forces Enith’s father to ask his daughter for help. Is she ready for the responsibilities of a real medical officer?
    • 236912.07: Enith turns twelve, and her father insists on throwing a traditional Betazoid party. His eagerness to make the day special strains their personal and professional relationships. Then something goes horribly wrong.
    • 237005.03: Vivid dreams that turn out to be the crew’s memories plague Enith as her telepathic abilities grow in an embarrassing analogy to puberty.
    • 237009.27: Enith and Efraim avoid each other after a fight. Later, while trapped in a hostile holodeck program, they share their first kiss. The moment is embarrassingly interrupted when the crew manages to power off the hologrid.
    • 237106.06: In a final bid for ultimate transdimensional power, Lok-Etai uses every weapon at his disposal, including his connection to Enith’s telepathic sensitivity. Enith’s father shields the teenager’s mind, at great cost to himself. Meanwhile, Enith’s mother and the rest of the crew launch a daring plan to rid the galaxy of Lok-Etai’s evil once and for all.
  • 237312.06: Aged 16, Enith is sent to family on Betazed while the newly commissioned USS Raleigh-A assists in the Dominion War. Unfortunately, the unexpected Battle of Betazed means she isn’t quite safe there. Meanwhile, Raleigh-A is destroyed in combat, but no lives are lost.
  • 237508.14: USS Raleigh-B is launched and Enith begins formal medical training with her father. On its first mission, the ship is lost after another final conflict with Lok-Etai in which the powerful, impossibly returned being drives Enith’s father mad. With the counselor at Raleigh’s helm, few lives are lost in the final battle, but among them are Enith’s mother and Captain Ndengo.
  • 237607.25: Accepted to Starfleet Academy.
  • 237608.03 - 238204.29: Earned pre-med degrees on Earth.
  • 238208.28 - 238605.12: Attended Starfleet Academy with major in medicine
  • 238605.13 - 239309.26: Served in Internal Xeno-Medicine and Administrative Operations at Starfleet Medical
  • 239105.04: The death of Lt. Commander Ubai
  • 239309.26: Promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to deep space exploration aboard USS Darwin-A.


Enith’s direct relatives are few. She considered the crew of USS Raleigh to be her true family, and the few who remain are like aunts and uncles to her. With her mother gone and her father in a care facility, Enith’s nearest relatives include only her uncle and cousin on Betazed.

  • Parents
    • Grenn Bex-Lahr: Enith’s father, a Betazoid physician who served as CMO of USS Raleigh for 18 years. A powerful telepath and talented healer, he was known for his compassion toward all patients and his ferocity against threats to those under his care. Grenn Bex was a member of the 4th House of Betazed, and in a nod to his traditional Betazoid roots, took his wife’s last name, even though she was Terran. He taught his daughter about Betazoid culture, but moreso taught her what it meant to be a caring healer. In a final conflict with Lok-Etai, Dr. Bex-Lahr’s telepathic abilities were manipulated by the evil being, and he was driven to insanity. He is housed in a Starfleet care facility on Earth, treated by Starfleet’s best telepathic healers. After many years of treatment, his condition has never improved.
    • Loretta Lahr: Enith’s mother served as first officer of USS Raleigh for 18 years, following a distinguished career in deep space exploration that made her a top choice for the position upon USS Raleigh’s commissioning. A Terran, Commander Lahr’s ability to mix leadership with friendship made her popular with her crew. She was well-read, with a keen interest in history, but also a sharp eye on the future. She considered raising her daughter among the stars to be her greatest achievement. In a successful bid to save the lives of the majority of her crew, including her daughter and husband, Commander Lahr bravely piloted a runabout into Lok-Etai’s giant floating space head and breached the warp core, destroying the powerful being at the cost of her own life.
  • Siblings: None
  • Family on Betazed:
    • Borix Orai: Eniths uncle, her father’s only brother. They were sons of a powerful woman in Betazoid society -- a daughter of the 4th House of Betazed -- who unfortunately was not able to have any daughters of her own. While Grenn married a Terran woman for some reason, at least Borix was able to make a good marriage into the 5th House of Betazed. Now a widower, he devotes his life to making a good home for his daughter.
    • Nareen Avame Bex Orai, Daughter of the 5th House of Betazed, Defender of the Honored Nef of Rhee: Enith’s first cousin, a well-connected member of the elitist Betazoid house system. She continues to rise through the ranks of Betazoid society, determined to claw her way to the top. Nareen is constantly appalled at her cousin’s distaste for Betazoid pomp and ceremony. Rivals since childhood, Enith and Nareen have followed very different paths and grown into very different women.


Efraim Halston
Efraim was the son of USS Raleigh’s astrometrics officer. He and Enith were the same age and grew up together on the ship, often sharing strange adventures. At thirteen, they shared their first kiss in the holodeck, just as the program was shut down and Enith’s parents appeared next to them. The early romance, colored by that embarrassment, never took off. Efraim became Raleigh’s Junior Helmsman, but his Starfleet career didn’t last. After the destruction of USS Raleigh-B and the disbandment of the remaining crew, Efraim pursued a career as a pilot in the private sector. Though she thinks of him often, Enith only keeps in touch with Efraim infrequently.
Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 4th Class 2382-2383 Starfleet Academy Operations
Cadet 3rd Class 2383-2384 Starfleet Academy Operations
Cadet 2nd Class 2384-2385 Starfleet Academy Operations
Cadet 1st Class 2385-2386 Starfleet Academy, USS Centris Operations
Ensign 238605.13 - 238705.04 Starfleet Medical, Earth General Medicine Intern
Ensign 238705.04 - 239105.13 Starfleet Medical, Earth Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG 239105.13 - 239309.26 Starfleet Medical, Earth Medical & Administrative Operations
Lieutenant 239309.26 - present USS Darwin-A Acting Chief Medical Officer

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