Engine Siphon

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Engine Siphon

Engine Siphon


On the Maiden Voyage of the USS Juneau, the crew encountered a bombardment of Eichner Radiation that stuck to the defensive shields and began draining massive amounts of energy from the ship. In order to counter the energy drain, Nyka Wyss led a team of engineers on a risky endeavor to redistribute the energy that is generated by the fleet’s most powerful engines. She called it the Engine Siphon. By connecting this prototype device directly into a Power Transfer Conduit located in the M/ARA, a continual flow of energy was skimmed-off the plasma flow and redirected to the Power Transfer Grid.

Though successful in gaining energy reserves throughout the ship, the device produced a massive energy spike on start-up, which was absorbed by the Jeffrie’s Tube’s power surge protectors. In order to correct this flaw, Wyss has proposed an upgrade, which will add important safety measures to the device.

Component Upgrades:

Plasma flow regulator - The plasma flow regulator allows the Bridge, or Main Engineering to magnetically constrict the amount of energy sent to power transfer grid.

Emergency Shutdown Trip - The EST is used in conjunction with a type 2 sensor to automatically shut down the siphon in case a power surge is detected. This process is incredibly fast.

Type 2 sensor package - This small sensor package has been modified by Nyka Wyss to detect hazardous spikes in plasma energy, and trigger the EST to shut down the Engine Siphon before a potentially dangerous power surge is released into other systems.

Pre-stage micro flux chiller – A miniaturized version of what is used on starships. This compact high powered heat-exchanger is used to supercool plasma before it passes into the power transfer grid.

Reference notes:

The Power Transfer Conduit (PTC) is an advanced type of Plasma Conduit, used for carrying warp plasma from the vessel's Warp Core to the drive Nacelles. The Engine Siphon intercepts, or skims-off, a portion of this energy before it reaches the Nacelles, and then transfers it to the ships power grid to be distributed where it is needed most in other ship’s systems.

The Power Transfer Grid is an informal term for a system that sends energy throughout a starship, facility or even a planet. These grids can make use of electricity, Electro-plasma or any number of energy sources. The Federation makes use of a power grid known as the EPS, the primary energy distribution system on their ships and stations.